The Admins Already Messed With 40s

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There was a bit of a hullabaloo over the weekend over the leaking of a Senior Underground email announcing that 40s on 40 would be continue to take place. That email though, was at least in part precipitated by an earlier email from the senior class councils announcing the cancellation of a formal 40s event; how the latter email came about has its own backstory.

Sources close to student government told Bwog that administrators in Columbia’s Student Development and Activities and Barnard’s College Activities Office “required” that the senior class councils send out the first email, announcing that 40s on 40 was canceled and would be replaced with a Senior BBQ, as it was last year. The councils had thought that, because no 40s event had been announced, there was no need to now announce its cancellation, and doing so would only confuse students. Administrators still insisted, claiming that the councils needed to provide “a reasoning” to their classmates as to why the event wasn’t going ahead. Other now-canceled senior class traditions (such as voting for Class Day speaker) did not require such a reasoning.


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  1. Anonymous  

    At least link to your post on the email. Jeez. http://bwog.net/2010/04/02/40s-on-40-lives-on

  2. Since when...

    has voting for the Class Day speaker ever been a tradition?

    I took a look back through old Bwog posts and there's no mention of voting for the SEAS class day speaker. Voting for the CC class day speaker wasn't even mentioned till 2009. So yeah, that's not a tradition.

    Pretty sure a vote would be pointless anyways since Obama would be the obvious #1. And we all know he never intends to speak at any exclusively Columbia event.

  3. Parsely  

    "[It] would be continue to take place"? Seriously, Bwog?

  4. Bwog,

    Please differentiate between the \councils\ you reference; don't make sweeping generalizations about what the councils \thought\ unless you speak from members from each council.

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