CCSC Wants to Bestow Things Upon You

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Tonight from 9 to 11, CCSC is hosting a meet and greet for the Spring Elections. There will be the opportunity to meet candidates from all parties, free gifts (pens? chap stick? who knows!), and of course, free foods, including pizza, soda and desserts. Voters can also submit questions they would liked to see addressed in the forthcoming debate.

9:50pm: We’re sorry bout that, guys: dregs of free food in Piano Lounge, now! We’ll be sure to include time, location and link in the future.

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  1. nice one bwog  

    forgot to say where it is

  2. chill, people  

    As always, leave it to Bwog for free food news. I just snuck in some pizza to teh Butt-ler.

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