Police Activity At 110th Station

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Several police cars and emergency vehicles swarmed the uptown and downtown sides of the 110th Street 1 station a few minutes ago. We’ll update you when we know what’s going on, and if you’re around please let us know what you see and hear in the comments.

Update: The local police precinct filed no report as of 1:30 PM today, and the staff at Westside was unaware that anything had taken place. Tip if you hear something, and we’ll tell you if we hear anything new.

Photo by JMB


  1. Anonymous

    looks like the cops are shutting down the smith westerns show that todd p's putting on down there tonight. monster subway basement be damned.

  2. Anonymous  

    uh so where's the update?

  3. Anonymous  

    maybe another suicide

  4. My guess  

    They got a tip that someone was stealing cheese and dips from Westside.

  5. Anonymous  

    I heard this bullshit from Watt. As if having to deal with NYC being constantly on fire wasn't bad enough...

  6. saw something  

    they were at the 116th st station when i was walking by around that time. a bunch of cops were taking a black man in handcuffs out of the subway and shoved him in the back of a cop car. this one older white cop was PISSED and slammed the door and was yelling. i decided i didnt want to stick around to find out any more details, so thats all i know.

    • Eliza  (Bwog Staff)  

      Thanks so much for the tip-- what time did you see this?

      • gossip!  

        i was there too, it was past 2am. i also didnt stick around because there were a fuckload of cops standing around and that angry one was yelling all kinds of swear words, it was kind of scary
        there was a group of like 5 students who appeared to be watching, maybe theyll come share something else!

  7. i live in harmony  

    and i could hear a lot of angry yelling and screaming from my room between a man and a woman around this time. i think it may have been a domestic dispute or something.

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