ΣΛΓ Is Exuberant!

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There is a very loud and very exciting sorority initiation going on on Low Plaza right now, next to the east fountain. Lots of singing and dancing and chanting. It’s for ΣΛΓ. It’s the most fun sorority initiation Bwog’s ever been to!

Update, 8:45: It was the Sigma Lambda Gamma Sorority. That’s ΣΛΓ. Sorry our Greek lettering took a while!

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  1. Anonymous  

    unbelievable...was just wondering what was going on, checked bwog, didn't have anything, refreshed just for the hell of it, and BOOM, here it is....good work bwog

  2. obg  

    this group at this event lowers the average columbia gpa by like .5

  3. ......  

    it's for the Sigma Lambda Gamma Sorority, Incorporated.

    It's an initiation, and they rocked it hard.

  4. Anonymous  

    Is calling them EAT a typeface issue or is that what Bwog thinks those funny symbols are? I mean who actually knows what that silly Greek alphabet is anyway....

  5. ....  

    change the title already?

  6. anonymous  

    they're a latina sorority. Sigma Lambda Gamma National Sorority, Incorporated.

    and what they did is known as a probate, fyi.

  7. Anonymous  

    sigma lambda gamma. Please change the title. what an embarrassment bwog. on behalf of the exponentially growing greek community, shame on you..

    fuck you

  8. seriously  

    what the fuck bwog? that shit's offensive. change the fucking title.

    • Eliza  (Bwog Staff)  

      Hey all- changed the title, really sorry about that. Tried to get up the post quickly to let people know what was going on/to encourage them to come watch the probate, and I realize the original lettering was inaccurate. It should be fixed now. Again, apologies.

    • geez  

      dude, chill. it's just a sorority. it's not life or death.

  9. wow

    people, take a chill pill

  10. why  

    don't they recruit people in sorority recruitment? how do they get members?

    • anonymous  

      you go to an informational and then possibly other social events with interests and then you decide to pledge or not. also theres a process to earn your letters.

  11. ahaha

    "they’re a latina sorority. Sigma Lambda Gamma National Sorority, Incorporated.

    and what they did is known as a probate, fyi."


    knew bout all the other sororities, but not this one meaning it must suck lol

    • anonymous  

      lol ok. but they did come to campus fall 2008 so its new.

    • Anonymous  

      SURVEY SAYS: lol you're so cool lol

    • Just wanted to say  

      i bet ur talking about all the Panhellenic sororities aka the white ones. THEY DONT DO SHIT! all u do for them is sign a little piece of paper saying that ur one of like 50 new girls they have selected and you dont even know all the names of your new sisters. the other sororities on campus that dont have processes like these are wack. PERIOD. you have to earn your letters, baby. and those "other" sororities...they're just paper.

  12. anonymous  

    i'm not a part of it, i just believe in greek love.

  13. I would just  

    like to point out that those girls look absolutely ridiculous. Dark purple eye masks just can't go with black. And those pink jackets are absurd, can you talk about an eyesore. Please don't impose your foolish rituals on us especially when you are so visually offensive.

  14. no greek love  

    i am making a fraternity/sorority called Xerxes.

  15. Anonymous  

    i cant believe how many haters are out here!!! seriously get a FUCKING life.

  16. Anonymous  

    \knew bout all the other sororities, but not this one meaning it must suck lol\

    and the other sororities that you know do what on this campus? please, explain yourself.

  17. Anonymous  

    they aren't haters. they just hate mean girls who form sororities.

  18. Anonymous



    while in this so called process they are like prisoners:

    they cant wear makeup
    cant shave
    cant shower
    cant talk to other people

    why do these orgs exist?

  19. seriously?  

    While many of Columbia's sorority members feel some sort of pride because you dress up in heels for two days then can rock a bag with greek letters for the rest of your time on campus, some people actually go through meaningful processes. Most multicultural fraternities and sororities nationwide DO hold probates - to show their knowledge of the organization's history, to communicate their understanding of its expectations of excellence and community service even after graduation, to formally introduce them to the members of neighboring chapters of their organizations, and to display their hard work to family and friends who understand and respect what this means in ethnic-minority communities. Some comments above are just plain disrespectful, but I guess you can't expect much more from Columbia, where regardless of diversity, willful ignorance of other cultures still reigns supreme. 'Mean girls' are the last thing these females should be accused of - they are strong, beautiful women who represent something REAL to everyone who actually cared to attend that probate, instead of those who giggled and gaped on the steps. These things happen yearly (at least) at campuses around the world. Do some research.

  20. Just wanted to say  


  21. as if.  

    everyone knows they're skaters.

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