Cart Chronicles: Monopoly!

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As the chicken-and-rice connoisseurs among us are sure to have noticed, the Hooda dudes are expanding in a major way. First came a spiffy new cart, and now they’re holding new real estate–they’ve taken over the northeast corner of 114th and Broadway with a second cart. When asked for comment, the proprietor would only say that “the company” gave them another cart. Eat hearty!

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  1. Anonymous  

    too many halal carts around here now, anyone else think it's getting annoying seeing them everywhere?

  2. review?

    does anyone know how these carts compare to the older ones on Broadway at 115th&110th, behind Mudd on 120th, and on Amsterdam at 112th?

    in such categories as: quality of ingredients, price, rice texture, white sauce flavor, look of freshness?

    • Eliza  (Bwog Staff)  

      Glad you asked! We'll be reviewing the halal carts in the neighborhood over the next few weeks. Expect the first review soon!

    • Anonymous  

      the new cart at 115th is the same guys as the picture (hooda). I feel that they've actually begun to give you more food. The lamb is the same, chicken is sometimes more flavorful than at other times (still curried), white sauce is still watery, fries are still soggy and uncooked, spicy rice is still not that spicy but has a good texture. I think they're still the best, them or the 120th guys but they don't get as much traffic so i'm skeptical of the freshness of their food since it's usually just sitting out.

      the cart at 116th has that friggin annoying neon sign so i don't go there on principle.

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