Flash Mob: Listen to Low

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The flash mob to take back Low is happening at 1pm! Apparently this is what you have to do:

“1) DOWNLOAD our free podcast by visiting http://tiny.cc/listentolow and following the link to the iTunes store.

2) INVITE at least 10 of your friends who you think would also enjoy taking part in this unique event.

3) ARRIVE at our secret meeting place in front of Butler Library at 1:00pm on Thursday April 8th with the following – ipod/mp3 player with the podcast ready to play – headphones – a book of your choosing in hand

4) AWAIT a sign for when to press play and help reclaim Low Library!”

Photo via Wikimedia

Happy listening!

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  1. Anonymous  

    The podcast is just white noise and inaudible whispering. Wack.

  2. Anonymous  

    bwog: what is this protest in front of Low. REPORT

  3. Anonymous  

    Yeah this seems kinda lame...

  4. Someone  

    explain to me what happened.

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