Barnard Housing Figures Everything Out

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Bwog just checked in with Matt Kingston, the Associate Director for Housing Operations at Barnard, and he provided us with a revelatory tidbit. The Barnard Housing website has an Available Rooms site that automatically updates after every single group/person picks a room. Basically, immediately after a room is picked, the housing system updates the site. The site includes links to a mobile site, and has different available room pages for Seniors and non-Seniors. So, that makes everyones’ life infinitely easier. The remaining schedule for Barnard Room Selection: Tuesday will be mixed-class groups of rising seniors and juniors, followed by rising juniors. Friday will be all remaning mixed-class groups including rising sophomores, and the rest of the day will be entirely rising sophomores. And that’s it: no liveblogs, and much, much less stress. Happy picking!

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  1. bc2011  

    thanks to res life for finally getting it right and for finally giving me a GREAT lottery number.

    much love <3

  2. you forgot  

    to mention the new room review feature. best. idea. ever.

  3. BC 2012

    This is just further proof that barnard admins have their shit together. There's so much less red tape to go through than our neighbors across Broadway.

  4. Anonymous  

    Less stress, except for the small part where half of the senior class wanted in on the 9 620 5-person all-single suites. I think that the last one was gone by 9:45 am, and the rest of us were left to stare sadly at the available rooms website.

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