Laptop Thief Found?

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A tipster tells us they saw a boy being led out of Carman by three men in suits earlier this afternoon. According to reports, the student had three laptops in his bag. That would account for three of the four laptops stolen on Tuesday. We’ll keep you posted. Again, if you know/saw/heard anything, tip us (you can do so anonymously in our Submit A Tip form) and call Public Safety at 212-854-2797.

Update, 10:40pm: One of the students who had their laptops stolen just checked in from the police station, where she collected her laptop and saw two others in a black backpack. The backpack had three laptops in it, making it highly, highly likely that the boy being led out of Carman this afternoon was the laptop thief. The police officers informed our tipster that all the laptops had been recovered, thanks in great part to Public Safety. The hard drives on the computers were wiped, indicating that the thief planned to sell them immediately. We’ll update you as we get more information.

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  1. Anonymous  


  2. r  

    dear bwog, when are you going to start senior wisdom again?

  3. Alum

    Having three laptops in his bag does suggest that the kid is a thief. It may even suggest that he's the same thief who stole four laptops on Tuesday. But it does not suggest that these are three of the same laptops.

    Presumably he went into Carman hoping to steal more laptops. If that's the case, it would make no sense for him to bring three other laptops with him unless he had just stolen them elsewhere. Carrying three laptops from Tuesday would just limit the number he could steal today.

  4. Anonymous  

    This kid deserves whatever's coming to him. How big of a prick do you have to be to steal someone's belongings straight out of their room? Especially something as important as a laptop. Honestly, people like this don't deserve to be part of the community.

  5. Yeahhhhhh  

    This kid's from my floor.
    Pro Tip: He's a douche in all respects.
    Him being caught makes me happier than anything I've heard all week.

  6. Anonymous  

    Eeeek I'm terrified at the mere thought of my hard drive being wiped. This asshole must be an idiot to think he could have gotten away with this. A public shaming is in order!

    • AronSora

      If you have an external harddrive, backup are easy to do. Even if you don't, get a dropbox and save all your school files to it. BTWs, bwog, lower the min. rate for your ads to 50 cents. Project wonderful works by people getting into bidding wars and $3 is alot on that network. If you want to get it to 3, use a different ad size, 125*125 is the ad size perfected by broke bloggers.

  7. yay

    im glad they (hopefully) caught the person behind this.
    i sure hope columbia doesnt go easy on him either, stealing laptops out of peoples rooms to sell is some fucked up shit.

  8. Anonymous  

    IANAL, but it's fun to look at what the thief can be charged with - see http://law.justia.com/newyork/codes/penal/index.html

    From what I gather:
    Burglary in the third degree - class D felony
    Petit larceny - class A misdemeanor
    Grand Larceny in the fourth degree - class E felony
    Computer tampering in the third degree - class E felony

    Class E felony - max 4 yrs, $5000
    Class D felony - max 7 yrs, $5000
    Class A misdemeanor - max 1 yr, $1000

    Nice job thief! Enjoy having a minimum wage job for the rest of your life!

  9. Anonymous  

    hey you guys are being so harsh. isn't he a student?
    how can you be so cruel to someone troubled enough to steal

    • Oh  

      pu-LEEZ. It's called personal responsibility; this little thief deserves everything he's got coming to him.

    • here's why  

      let's reason that this person is at least 17 years old--he'd probably have to be. by that age, you have faced situations in which you can make a right/wrong decision. this person is morally bankrupt and deserves the maximum punishment. to sympathize with him is to remove blame from an emotional standpoint. "poor guy, the system's failed him." NO. there are many students here who are poor or at the very least constantly short on funds--i'm one myself--and i haven't stolen anything from anyone, and i never will. if he really was in some sort of bad situation financially, he would be less likely to steal because he'd know how much his few possessions mean to him. at least, if he wasn't completely morally bankrupt, which brings me back to my original point.
      in short, he's an asshole, and a worthless piece of shit. not everyone has a sob story. some people are just assholes.

  10. seas'11  

    i think we're too quick to judge. we don't even know why the kid did it. maybe he had a terrible financial aid package? needed money for tuition? mom sick with cancer? god knows, any number of reasons this could have happened.

    despite his reasons, i personally wouldn't want a columbia student who worked hard to get here get overtly punished because of his stupidity. everyone deserves a second chance!

    • Anonymous  

      I have a terrible financial aid package, need tuition money, and lost a parent to cancer during college. It didn't permit me to steal from anyone. Because it's wrong. It wasn't that difficult to resist. I have no sympathy for this asshole.

    • ha

      just because he worked hard to get here he should get away with stealing laptops?
      bullshit. if we let this guy get away with it, guess what? i'm sure a lot more people will try their hand at stealing laptops if they know they won't end up in deep shit for it and will get a "second chance".
      also, im sure someone smart enough to get here is smart enough to know that if you get caught stealing personal property, you'll get punished. doesn't matter what kind of sob story you pull out of your ass. so if he's smart, he'd know what coming. and he sure as hell deserves it

  11. OMG seriously?

    "hey you guys are being so harsh. isn’t he a student?
    how can you be so cruel to someone troubled enough to steal"

    You guys always have to sympathize with the wrong guy...typical ignorance

    What about the law abiding citizens who had their property taken from them?

    Seriously find someone else to be compassionate too

  12. Agreed  

    Jackass yes. he's going to be in trouble. people at least got their comps back. cut the guy some measure of slack.

  13. WHY  

    are we trying to cut people slack here?! This person, student, whatever BROKE IN to people's rooms and stole expensive personal property with the intent to sell it for profit. He wiped all of their personal documents clean from THEIR former property. So even if they got their computers back, it's not the same.

    I don't care if he's a Columbia student, anyone who does this should NOT be cut slack. I don't go around stealing shit from other people and making a profit, I have to get a fucking job to make my own money. So why should this guy be any different? You people are ridiculous.

  14. Riven  

    Most times stupidity is an incurable condition...
    I doubt he would be stealing because of financial aid needs, there are better ways to bump up income.

  15. ...  

    hey everybody! i have an idea! lets all pass judgement anonymously before we know anything concrete about the situation!

    • Anonymous  

      I have an idea! Let's pass judgment anonymously on those who pass judgment on people who judge anonymously! Even though we know enough of the basic facts of the situation to pass judgment!

    • what about

      this situation isn't clear to you?

      • ...  

        are you kidding? what do we know? nothing! all rumors and hearsay. if you've seen enough here to form an opinion, then you may as well send for your official james o'keefe fan club patch.

        i particularly like how half of the people in here have interpolated the idea that he must be a student in order to form a nice diving block from which they can plunge into their own arguments about moral relativism or whatever.

  16. ...  

    i find the eager celebration of incredibly harsh punishments demonstrated by the commentators here to be quite disturbing. please keep in mind that for the past forty years the united states has gradually developed what is now by far the most punitive criminal justice system in the world, with imprisonment rates around eight times higher than the average in the european union. around 1% of american citizens are currently in jail, and around 3% are under some form of judicial supervision. sending an individual to jail for up to five years for a non-violent crime would be seen as inexcusable in almost any other nation on earth.
    i agree that individuals who steal should not get off without some sort of state intervention, be it punishment or rehabilitation, but the social costs of the increasing willingness of judges and citizens to condone massive sentences for relatively minor crimes is upsetting. even if you are unable to see the injustice of imprisoning someone for half a decade for stealing a few thousand dollars of property, surely even the most callous of you can recognize that incarcerating someone for five years at a cost of $40,000/year is not an effective solution in terms of its social costs. if your goal is to prevent this individual from committing more crimes, studies linking long prison sentences and recidivism have shown that highly punitive responses actually increase crime. in the end, however, it seems like most of the commentators here are simply spiteful people who take some sort of self-righteous or perhaps sadistic pleasure in the thought of sending someone to jail.

  17. Anonymous  

    death penalty, anyone?

  18. Anonymous

    revealing kid's name and face on bwog will be enough punishment and lolz for us

  19. uhhhh  

    can we get his name???

  20. Dude

    Bwog should at the very least respect this kids confidentiality. He's already probably going to be kicked out and have a sentence. The least bwog can do is not add on to that punishment by publicly humiliating him.

    • Personally

      I think publishing his name is highly appropriate. The kid stole from his fellow students. His fellow students have the right to know who he is.

      Besides, I'm sure that public humiliation is the least of his worries right now.

  21. Anonymous

    Nah I think we should cut the kid some slack, I don't think he's dumb enough to do it again. Give em a court punishment and a Columbia punishment but the public humiliation thing is just cruel.

  22. Kids who knows him

    Guys, I know this kid. He doesn't deserve him, so cut him some dang slack, PLEASE.
    He really, truly has learned his lesson.
    Giving out his name would just be cruel.
    He has suffered WAY TO MUCH.
    Cut some slack...
    He shouldn't be expelled. He really has learned his lesson.

    It's just crazy how he did this. It's so unlike him..

  23. Kid who knows him BETTER  

    This kid came back to the floor telling us some grand story about how the stealing of the laptops was a part of some initiation for a secret society. Do you still think he's learned his lesson?

  24. Jesus

    Um, why have pity for a criminal. He should be castrated so that the world will be free of his gene pool/ wow he's FUCKED


  25. Kids who knows him WAY BETTER

    If I told you how I knew him, I'd have a bunch of comments.
    So just shut up. The comment where it says it's some initiation for a secret
    society sounds SO like him.
    He does anything like that.
    But he really doesn't deserve this, he's learned his lesson.
    It's one of those things in life where you just have to do it to learn it.
    I think he's learned it all right.

    • Please.  

      None of us had to steal laptops and lie compulsively to learn our lesson. Stop trying to defend him.

    • lol

      learned his lesson?
      he was caught. its not like he regretted what he did and decided to return the laptops. and he had wiped the harddrive which showed an intent to sell. doesn't sound like hes "learned his lesson", sound like he got caught fucking some people over for personal gain. sounds like his plan was foiled (thank you public safety!)
      i dont care if his name gets posted or not, but i do not feel safe with a thief in the columbia community. he deserves to be expelled

  26. Kid who also knows him well  

    Are you sure he's learned his lesson?
    The far-fetched story he told is so in-character.
    But what about all the other shit's he done to everyone?
    What about all the other lies he's told?
    Yeah... right...
    No one starts off just stealing laptops.
    Nope, he's just learned how not to get caught.

  27. woww

    Wowowowowow. What a dumbass.

  28. NAME  

    I WANT A NAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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