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Bwog’s Ballet Correspondent Megan McGregor reports from Miller Theatre in a leotard.

Last night, Miller Theatre was packed with Columbia’s fashionable ballet-loving crowd and their friends in anticipation of the recently formed Columbia Ballet Collaborative’s performance of new works.  The evening commenced with a fluid contemporary piece about relationships starring Caitlin Dieck, Catherine Dillard, Don Friedewald, and Chantelle Piantella.  Titled “Excursions,” the piece involved intense and abundant partner work.  Friedewald’s stamina and grace left the audience in awe.  “Excursions” truly set an impressive tone for the rest of the performance.

The following piece was perhaps the most memorable of the evening–a pas de deux titled “Enjoy Your Rabbit,” performed by Justin Peck and Teresa Reichlen.  In addition to performing, Peck, a member of the corps de ballet of the New York City Ballet, choreographed “Enjoy Your Rabbit.”  Reichlen, a part-time student at Barnard College, is a City Ballet soloist.  Before moving a finger, Reichlen’s stunning height and angelic features were captivating.  Her beauty and impeccable technique together created an enthralling sight as she floated about the stage with utmost grace.  Justin’s pas de deux was a breathtaking combination of quick footwork and sustained fluid motion that both he and Reichlen performed flawlessly.

The entire evening left the audience on edge, watching the incredible ballet dancers control every muscle in their bodies down to the tips of their toes.  This impressive control was exemplified by New York City Ballet dancer Craig Hall in the show’s finale, “Solid Ground,” choreographed by Monique Meunier.  His strength, grace, and technical perfection were surreal.  Soloist Victoria North’s work in “Solid Ground” and “Five Songs for Piano” was equally excellent–her beauty and grace were mesmerizing.  In addition to the professional and outstanding ballet, the costumes were tasteful and elegant in their simplicity.

The Columbia Ballet Collaborative, which is student-run and directed, was formed in 2007 by five professional ballet dancers enrolled at Columbia. CBC offers free weekly ballet classes to the University community.  Head to Miller Theatre tonight at 8 p.m. to see the CBC’s performance.  Tickets are $12 without CUID or $7 with CUID.

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  1. for the record...  

    ...reichlen is a principal, not a soloist, at city ballet. see http://www.nycballet.com/company/personnel/artistic/reichlen.html

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