1. Alma  

    Jenny is the best! g(tb)^2

  2. Anonymous  

    i don't get "g(tb)^2". i know it's a CUMB thing, but... ??

  3. Anonymous  

    me either...an explanation would be awesome

  4. CUMB

    We'll tell you if you join the band...

  5. Jenny  

    is one of the most amazing chefs and people on campus! We're all really going to miss her (and Slushy!) next year. :(

  6. Joy  

    Jenny, this is ahmazing! Congratulations.

  7. Anonymous  

    oh my god she's amazing! definitely didn't realize she could do that!

  8. Varun  

    reason #2478 why SEAS kids are awesome. nice job, jenny!

    props to bwog for these awesome profiles!

  9. Wallach 8  

    yea jenny!!!!

  10. Wallach 8  


  11. great job!  

    great job jenny!

  12. Nomnomnom:  

    That cake was DELICIOUS.

  13. srsly.  

    jenny is the best. for realz.


  14. Please note  

    Bwog, those pictures are amazing. You didn't take them, and I think you could learn from such skill.

    Nicely done on the cakes and photos Jenny! We have some truly talented people at Columbia.

  15. Anonymous  

    This is way better than that CU250 "cake".

  16. Anonymous  

    In all honesty, Jenny is the coolest person I've met since coming to Columbia. This just adds to that.

  17. wtf  

    who has time for that shit. get a life

  18. SEAS '10  

    awesomeness! go jenny!

  19. ello  

    Grant is a sociopathic knucklehead

  20. Anon  

    10/6 is my birthday, not my unbirthday.

  21. yes  

    All of this has happened before and will happen again...


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