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Ah, spring in New York. There’s something so nostalgic and old-fashioned about it all–afternoons in Central Park, evenings by Lincoln Center, students all over Low Steps at all hours of the day. . . This week, Bwog brings you some of the more dapper Columbians, all of whose sartorial ensembles seemed a tribute to Old New York.

Michael Ryan, Director of Columbia University Rare Book and Manuscript Library, College Walk

What inspired your ensemble? I wear a hat for [personal reasons] and I just came from a business event downtown.

What’s your favorite dessert? Crème brûlée.Allie Lalonde, CC ’10, outside the Gates

What’s your major? Poli sci, self-loathingly.

What’s the best class you’ve taken at Columbia? Shakespeare I with [James] Shapiro. I’m president of the Shakespeare Troupe, so it’s kind of a necesssary love [. . .] I’m directing Measure for Measure for April 29-May 1.

What’s your spring style inspiration? In general, I tend to like pretty classic things. I like neutrals and structure. This season I’m not inspired what I’ve been seeing, but, in general, I wear classic things and then dress them up with things like hats.

Where are you going? I’m coming from class and then going home before another class.

What’s your favorite dessert? Probably either chocolate soufflé, crème brûlée, or just baked fruit in the summer.

Nathaniel Adams, Graduate School of Journalism, Low Plaza

Where are you from originally? Manhattan. Greenwich Village.

What are you studying right now? I’m working on a book proposal for Sam Friedman’s book-writing seminar. [I write] narrative nonfiction.

Where are you going? I haven’t thought about that, actually.

What’s your spring style about? I don’t really change my style each season other than wearing lighter jackets. I’ve dressed like this for a long time. I have a tailor in India, [but] this wasn’t made by him. I think I like to dress this way because I don’t get that everyone wears shorts, young guys tend to dress like kids at the beach with their shirts off. . .

What’s your favorite dessert? Mint chocolate chip ice cream.

Bob Wolven, Associate University Librarian for Bibliographic Services and Collection Development

What are some interesting things you’re doing at work right now? We’re archiving websites. Collecting web content and archiving it.

What’s your spring style inspiration? Right now, the weather’s inspiring me tremendously. The way campus life just perks up is so inspiring. I’ve been here for many years.

Where are you going? Right now, I’m heading home.

What’s your favorite dessert? Bread pudding.

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  1. Common theme  

    hats and bags

  2. sweet  

    the older guys look sophisticated and classy...props for deviating from the normal BC profiles

  3. nate adams  

    dresses exactly how i imagine someone who writes narrative nonfiction would

  4. Anonymous  

    wow #3 is a douche. "I haven't thought about where i'm going yet." "I have a tailor in India, blahablah kids dress like kids"

  5. still...  

    no SEAS people.

  6. surfin' UWS  

    YES! Thank you, BWOG.

    We finally get to be assholes to senior citizens too. At arms my anonymous douche brethren!

  7. William Shakespeare  

    Allie Lalonde is all kinds of sexy.

  8. Anonymous  

    I have the same bag as Mr. Ryan! He's rocking that bowtie. :)

  9. Anonymous  

    oh yeah, was there a McBain ice cream study break tonight? I missed it!

  10. Anonymous  


  11. seriously....  

    I wear hats almost everyday...and I wasn't pictured. Although i do love a well-dressed man. It's so sad how casual our society has become.




  13. Anonymous

    columbia students have horrible fashion sense. this is testament to it. the only good fashion i've seen is in the first and last guys here -- and they're not students. props to them.

  14. Anonymous  

    What's up with the editing of Michael Ryan's answer? "[personal] reasons"? "[personal reasons]" would make more sense.

  15. Anonymous  

    "i have a tailor in india" UGH

  16. I dunno  

    much about fashion but the chick is pretty cute. even though I'm not 100% sure what's particularly interesting/exciting about her outfit.

    and aww, the older men do look pretty dapper . keep it classy, guys.

  17. Yes.  

    Michael Ryan is my new old man crush. Keep is snazzy, mister.

  18. kcst-er  

    allie is awesome!!!!

  19. Yay  

    I've been waiting for the old people ever since the version with the little girls. Good call, Bwog. Super cute.

  20. in defense  

    most people i know who go back and forth between the subcontinent (myself and my family included) tend to have things tailored there. though there's one i usually go to...i wouldn't go as far as calling him my tailor. in fact, i would think most people dont have a personal tailor.

  21. ciara

    ...this is a jazzy fizzle

  22. Jay-Z  

    Big pimpin' totally counts as a 'personal reason'.

  23. Librarians!

    Are still cool!

  24. I totally  

    agree! And forget the personal tailor. He seriously needs a stylist! Did he just walk off a Broadway production of "Guys and Dolls?" He's fashionable? Give me a break!

  25. Anonymous

    Love it bwog! Keep it coming...


    "I think I like to dress this way because I don’t get that everyone wears shorts, young guys tend to dress like kids at the beach with their shirts off. . "

    Jokes on you buddy, cuz you're not gonna make any money coming out of j-school buddy.
    Have fun not being able to afford your little tailored shirts anymore

  27. Anonymous  

    Whoa, I need to hang out in the libraries more.

  28. Uh  

    BWOG, what is going on outside?

  29. Anonymous  

    The first guy is THE COOLEST. Also, YAY ALLIE!!!!!

  30. Anonymous  

    allie lalonde and michael ryan should go out for creme brulee.

  31. Anonymous

    resentful broke college girl, you are my f***ing hero!

  32. Anonymous  

    That Nathaniel guy looks like Mr. Bean!

  33. another kcst-er  

    Yay Allie! Also, victory for having the Shakespeare in tow. That's how we roll.

  34. President of the Allie Lalonde Fan Club  

    Dear Allie,

    You rock my metaphorical socks. Marry me.

    P.S. Michael Ryan...Dan Blank in 60 years? Yes?

    That is all.

    *wouldn't you like to know*

  35. Anonymous

    I'd go to India with him.

  36. Anonymous  

    Custom tailoring in India is dirt cheap. Much cheaper than buying a designer suit in America.

  37. Anonymous

    I'd go to India with him. That sock and shoe pairing is divine.

  38. Unsurprised

    Oh, Columbia. you will never cease to be painfully bland, will you? You're all up in #2's biz, when she is wearing BOOTCUT JEANS. With FLIP FLOPS. And that long gray tank under her blouse is gonna make her ass look flat and her hips look wide. Girlfriend needs to get off campus every once and awhile and see how grownups are supposed to dress, f'real.

  39. Anonymous

    the jacket is too much. also, i really agree with "unsurprised" about the gray cami underneath, but i understand why she would do it. a slightly shorter, looser cami would do well. i would substitute the jeans for a pair of above-the-knee grey-tan khaki shorts, or i guess a jean skirt could do...

  40. Allie Lalonde  

    is a Sexie Mountie

  41. Anonymous  

    Director of Columbia University Rare Book and Manuscript Library????
    I want my tuition back

  42. Anonymous  

    What are some interesting things you’re doing at work right now? We’re archiving websites. Collecting web content and archiving it.

    that's google's job
    I want my 53k a year back

  43. Anonymous  

    did you just pick the first 4 people you saw who were wearing hats? because that's what this looks like.

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