Fluent Bodies, Advanced Energies: Your Fall 2010 Options

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Registration is here! But you don’t know how to fill that last requirement, you say? Well, stop digging around the Directory (don’t lie–we know you just were) and consult the following list of the most absurd-sounding course names offered next semester. This way, when you inevitably realize that Art Hum is full, you at least have a cool-sounding backup.

Let’s Study Us!

  • Anthropology V3882: Bodily Senses
  • History BC4913: Madness to Prozac: The Sciences of the Self in the Modern Era
  • Comparative Literature – English W3792: Narrative for Living

Let’s Study Them!

  • International Affairs U6445: Talking with the Enemy
  • Anthropology G4470: Humans and Other Animals


  • Comparative Literature – English W3970: 20th Century Literature & Culture: Textual Bodies
  • Comparative Literature – English W4725: Modern Drama: Modernist Primitives, Human Machines, Sex, and Other Tragicomedies
  • German BC3012: In Love with Telenovelas


  • Architecture A4779: Advanced Energy
  • Landscape Design K4103: Plants II
  • Dance BC2501: Biomechanics for the Dancer

Wait, Say That Again?

  • Communications K4110: In Search of Insights
  • Art History G8463: Spanish Italy
  • Occupational Therapy M6300: Car Fit

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  1. Yes  

    Russian V3223: Magical Mystery Tour Legacy

  2. what?  

    we have landscape design classes?

    • Yeah.

      I believe they are a part of a Continuing Education program which is sometimes advertised in newspapers with a picture of a manicured bush. I'm quite certain that you wouldn't find them in the Columbia College bulletin, though.

  3. Anonymous  

    HIST W3902: History of the World (to 1500 CE)

  4. Anonymous  

    ANTH V2090 "The Road"

    K4120 "Scheduling I"

    A6228 "Distressed Debt"

    G4102 "Introduction to Ugaritic II"

  5. Anonymous  

    I'm totally taking the Telenovelas class. Yay senior year!

  6. I  

    know who Ted Mosby is, but why should he teach these?

  7. Anonymous  

    the telenovelas class? awesome.

    i took it last semester. you watch the german version of "ugly betty" and then film your own incredibly silly telenovela in german.

    i'm not sure it qualifies as "literature", though...

  8. A senior  

    This makes me sad! :-(

  9. must-take classes at columbia?  

    such as "history of the city of new york."

    or professors to recommend? such as eric foner, xavier salai-i-martin, etc.?


  10. Anonymous  

    Introduction to Chuck Norris
    Intermediate Chuck Norris
    Advanced Chuck Norris

    • Anonymous  

      ok no fooling. For the bio majors out there... Readings in the Molecular Biology of Cancer. I just call it "the cancer class". Of course, stick in the "Readings" because you basically shouldn't go to the droned-on lectures and instead read from the textbook, which would save you a lot of pain and dozing off.

  11. History

    Barnard is offering History of Sexuality...

  12. History

    Barnard is offering History of Sexuality

  13. Bodily Senses

    Actually a great class...I took it last semester. If you're looking for an upper level Anthro seminar I would recommend it!

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