Update on 116th Gates Arrests

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NYPD swarmed this past Saturday as 4 unknown men were arrested at the 116th Gates. This morning, Vice President of Public Safety James McShane shed a little more light on the situation to us, by specifying the individuals were adolescents unassociated with Columbia. Among them were two individuals who “had been previously barred from campus because of an earlier incident.”

The NYPD arrested them after they harassed Public Safety personnel and threw a rock at a Public Safety vehicle.

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  1. cool

    that means public safety will have real bidness to attend to

  2. SHHH


    Its a joke, get over urself mr. I need everything to be spelled right.
    If I were to nitpick what you said, I would have kindly informed you that you should have technically said "bidness?" as opposed to "bidness"?, an error in quotation mark placement
    So please do us a favor and be quiet

  3. probably

    those annoying Spartacus peeps with bad hair

  4. what happened  

    with the laptop thief?

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