Bwoglines: Pride of Place Edition

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Congratulate yourself on living in the 46th most desirable neighborhood (out of 50) in NYC. (NY Mag)

The Pulitzer Prize winners are announed

Our profs make second most $$$ (NYT)

The Knicks win penultimate game of the season

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    I've gotten Morningside Heights ranked as high as 8th. Zero out each criteria, then max out Affordability, Transit, Diversity, Diversity and Green Space. Now increase Creative Capital just a bit.


  2. Anonymous  

    25% on cost of living otherwise i think we'd be in good shape

  3. ...  

    i wonder how much those professor pay rankings are skewed by those who also serve as clinicians in attached medical schools...

  4. I bet if you remove Jefferey Sachs  

    from the calculations, the average salary of a columbia professor would drop substantially...

    • Well

      1) You don't seem to understand how "Averages" work...

      2) Cost of Living adjustments would probably result in different rankings

      3) Different faculties across the University have different payscales (e.g. Law Schools are generally known to have well paid faculty relative to other disciplines)

  5. ?

    "25% on cost of living otherwise i think we’d be in good shape"

    U must be poor to think morningside heights is expensive lol

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