Discounted Dining Courtesy of College Days

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Now that it’s a little cloudy and the sun is not enough to lure you back to your John Jay glory days, make the most of the remainder of Columbia’s Restaurant Week:

  • Atomic Wings – 10% off the final bill
  • Community Food & Juice – 10% off Monday to Thursday, 3:30pm-5pm and Saturday to Sunday 9-10am
  • Covo Trattoria e Pizzeria – 10% off the final bill
  • Hummus Place – 10% off the final bill
  • Sezz Medi – 10% off the final bill; dinner only. One free glass of prosecco with each brunch purchased.
  • 107 West – 10% off the final bill
  • Mama Mexico – 15% off the final bill
  • Deluxe – Free drink with the purchase of a meal (includes regular coffee, tea, fountain soda)
  • V & T – 10% discount off the total bill

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  1. SEAS kid  

    ok screw you, College. i was eating at Atomic Wings the other day and had no idea these discounts existed.

    i don't understand why they don't advertise things that could benefit ALL columbia students, not just those in the College. i can see not advertising space- or quantity-limited events like the glee screening or free food/t-shirts, but me using a discount at a restaurant doesn't take a discount away from anyone else.

    at least rename it CC Restaurant Week if you're going to exclude us all anyway.

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