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Despite clouds and chilly gusts, College Days’ penultimate event seems to be set to happen tonight, starting at 9 on Low Plaza. Consistent with the New York City theme of this years events, tonight’s festivities are supposed to be emblematic of “Broadway.” There will be a performance by CU Glee Club followed by a live broadcasting on a Jumbotron screen of the first episode of the new season of Glee, justified complimented by free popcorn.

For those who have not seen Glee before, a sample quote for your delectation:

“I am not homophobic. In fact, I have two gay dads. See, I was born out of love. My two dads screened potential surrogates based on beauty and IQ. Then they mixed their sperm together and used a turkey baster. To this day we don’t know which one is my real dad, which I think is pretty amazing.”

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  1. Anonymous  

    fuckin' lame

  2. Slammer


  3. tisk tisk

    THIS EVENT SHOWS HOW PATHETIC OUR SCHOOL IS AND WHY THERE IS NO SCHOOL SPIRIT. They waste all their money on this event and don't host anything real.

  4. Person with taste

    Glee is the most awful piece of horse shit television to ever grace the televisions of an already idiotic American public. The show presents a slew of stereotypical characters and a star from a Broadway show that no one outside of a theater troupe would ever care about. Glee is simply a show that fills an empty TV niche for the insecure, homosexual, and overly dramatic High school choir kids, who finally feel as though they have a show where they can say, "OMG, they're just like us"...No, they're not like you! These people get paid for being jackasses on television, whilst butchering terrible pop songs; whereas, you idiots sing bad and off key a capella music for free, while thinking that people actually care about you since the same slew of friends with nothing better to do continue to suffer through your god awful shows.

  5. Anonymous  

    is this to attract prospies? I guess class of 2014 will suck. they should show eraserhead or something.

  6. Jim  

    Great to see my $42,000 in tuition is going towards a second-rate TV show about H.S. losers. Didn't realize College Days set aside a day to show a TV show a certain subset of Columbians watch. Psh.

    • kudos  

      exactly my thoughts. i demand my student life fees be refunded!

      • oh please, stop worrying  

        i'm sure only a small, small sliver of it is actually going to this event. most of it is being vacuumed up into columbia's endowment, never to see the light of day again.

        looks to me like there is a ton of people out there who are happy to take a break from the crazy pace at which columbia makes us run. if all takes is some popcorn and a jumbotron screening of glee, then so be it. i'm not a gleek, but i'm down. kudos not to you, but to whoever is behind this glee shebang.

    • d00ds

      Everything should appeal to everyone! Always!

  7. Free popcorn?  

    So what you're saying is I SHOULDN'T be in my room studying on a Tuesday night...

  8. Anonymous  

    I LOOOVE Glee!

    And popcorn.

  9. YA

    AMEN and to think some people at this school auditioned to be on the show?

  10. Anonymous  


    seriously, get off your high horses, stop criticizing everything that moves, and learn to be happy. tons of people showed up to watch some TV and take a break from being drowned in work.

    it's obvious that you need to take a break too.

    • Amen  

      I love Columbia minus all of these negative poo-heads. If they spent their time thinking of viable alternatives to make for even better programming instead of shitting on everything and proposing nothing, this school would be even more wonderful.

    • Anonymous  

      I'd like to take a break doing something I like. It must be so nice that they catered to your preferences...but you would rather have me waste time watching a stupid show?

      • Anonymouse  

        Then hole yourself up in your room and - gasp - don't watch the fucking TV show. I promise, it's not going to kill you.

      • um  

        so take a break doing something you like. it's new york city. surely there's something somewhere that caters to your interests. go do it and stop whining about how ONE event doesn't apply to you. Guess how many other events Columbia hosts that don't apply to a large portion of the population? Are you going to whine about them all?

  11. Anonymous  

    Glee is a fun show. Fuck you guys.

  12. Hell yeah  

    my penis is all over the place!

  13. Anonymous  

    when are general registration appointment times posted?

  14. Glee...  

    ... is stupid. Even if I did not believe that, I still thin it is lame to have a screening of a show only a small subset of students even care about as one of the biggest events for College Days. Useless... Fail CCSC Fail.

  15. Fuck the Haters  

    I have never watched glee and I have no idea what it's about but if a big showing could bring together a bunch of people and let them have fun then I'm all for it. I think they should set up the screen for some other televised events too! The steps are basically the only place on campus that just about everyone goes to and enjoys.

  16. Jim  


  17. Anonymous  

    Wow people are taking this a bit too seriously...

  18. WTF  

    Why so much hatred? Columbia made an event out of a show that had been on hiatus for months, hence the added excitement over tonight's episode. I think they succeeded in there attempt to sponsor a fun, light-hearted evening of television and relaxation; Low looked crowded, and everyone was in good spirits. I escaped Butler for an hour, had an absolute blast. Sorry College Days didn't screen something "everyone could enjoy"; is that even possible on this damn campus? Stop complaining, let people enjoy their entertainment.

    Also, Glee has created a bit of a nationwide phenomenon. The cast sold our FOUR dates at Radio City in minutes. They've won countless awards for only 14 episodes. This show is SATIRE, and it has very intelligent moments. Maybe if the haters weren't so set on being miserable, this television series could add a little glee to their night. It certainly does for me.

  19. yeah....  

    ummm yeah, there were a TON of people there, covering all the steps, having a lot of fun. plus, they gave out free snuggies, t shirts, and popcorn. and the newly-formed columbia glee club did their first performance. so yes, I guess if you simultaneously hate glee, snuggies, t shirts, popcorn, singing, fun, and columbia student groups than sure, this event sucks. but i can say, the hundreds of people there thought it was pretty sweet!

  20. Anonymous  

    I went, I had fun. I also agree with the commenter that suggested that more shows (or even big sporting events) be shown out on Low Steps. I bet the jumbotron is expensive, but it's really fun to get to sit on the Steps and share an experience with a bunch of people. LOST finale anyone?

    P.S. I think the picture of Alma "watching" Glee is great.

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