Local Toddlers Wreak Havoc On Democratic Process

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CCSC hopefuls have littered the Butler lawn and Low Plaza with Columbia-blue balloons telling us to VOTE NOW for CCSC elections. A gaggle of toddler-ruffians are having a blast tearing down the balloons that line the lawns and playing fun games with them. Overheard from one cableknit sweater-clad young gentleman: “ABRACADABRA! How did these balloons get in my hands?” If only we knew, pal. Also spotted: two balloons, sans strings, lying deserted on South Lawn. The photo on your right: two kids playing a game of “whip each other with the balloon string.”

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  1. sorry sorry can't resist  

    "WREAK havoc," please

  2. Eliza  (Bwog Staff)  

    Correct, fixed!

  3. ten points  

    to whoever came up with that post title. hilar

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