Student Government Roundups: ESC and SGA

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Bwog’s intrepid Student Government correspondents Caitlin Lynch and Mahrah Taufique report from last night’s proceedings, just before elections kicked off.

SGA: The meeting focused on the issue of sororities:

  • There is a possibility that Barnard girls won’t be allowed to participate in Greek recruitment during Spring 2011, because CC and SEAS have decided to fund only their own students. Discussions about how to keep Barnard eligible for Greek life, including having Barnard (or SGA) pay more, are in the works.
  • There may be a cap to the number of girls allowed to rush, but nothing is definite, however current students would be allowed to remain in the system.
  • The motion to pass Stage One recognition for the IGC was not passed, despite the fact that the SGA recognizes the Pan-Hellenic Council which constitutes one third of the IGC.

The SGA elections have started, and voting will be on Ebear until Friday at 2:00. Tomorrow at 7:00 pm there will be a speech forum, during which all candidates will speak and dinner will be served. Attendance is encouraged to show support for next year’s Council.

ESC: voting also now live, and runs until Thursday. There is a table in Mudd for students to vote 11:30am to 1pm. A variety of other topics were addressed, briefly:

  • A carnival for the Friday of Bacchanal, with gladiator jousting, an obstacle course, and inflatables.
  • F@CU, (F for Funding), which will provide $.75 million, should not be attended by the entire ESC, nor should they publish their minutes
  • Table for Two is set up to provide nutritious meals to college students and corporate employees through their on-premise eateries. Each meal is priced so that 20 cents goes toward providing sustenance to a child in an impoverished nation. They sought to implement their program on campus.

  • The challenges of this program were mainly due to space capacity limitations. Dining Services does currently not have the resources for the creation of a new “ideally TFT dish.”Additionally, Dining Services does not want to raise the cost of any current items for the purposes of TFT on any menu/dining plan/etc.
  • The solution decided upon by Dining Services was  that at all point-of-sale transactions stations (registers), TFT can display marketing material explain the program that will allow customers of CU eateries to donate to the TFT program.
  • The proposal to get rid of part of Constitution that says to use “Robert’s Rules of Order” as an official reference did not pass. The amendment remains.

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  1. Anonymous  

    Greek life should absolutely be capped.

    Why did Barnard students get funding from Columbia in the first place?

    • Anonymous  

      Because people didn't care until there was a financial crunch.

    • Anonymous  

      because all student groups are open to students from all 4 undergraduate colleges, and funding is not handed out based on how many members of each college are members of those groups.

    • Anonymous  

      Greek life should be capped? This sounds like a whiny hipster to me. Listen - if the Barnard feminazis keep voting down funding for the sororities, then whatever. Do you really think that you'll be able to suddenly bar Barnard from participating in Greek Life without creating an underground, unregulated side of it?

      Give me a fucking break. This is Columbia trying to strong-arm Barnard into coughing up the cash. While its true that because of a bunch of Barnard feminist hippies, they won't recognize a constituency of their own student body that is HUGE compared to many of their token bullshit student groups, the funds in question are so small that Columbia should simply not care if Barnard doesn't pay. The money doesn't really do anything for the organizations anyways.

  2. Anonymous  

    yes! never repeal what you haven't tried

  3. correction  

    The governing board that you are referring to is the "Panhellenic" council, not the "Pan-hellenic" council as you have written. Those are two very distinct organizations.

  4. Point of Order

    Who would want to get rid of Robert's Rules of Order? That shit is the best.

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