Big Brother is Watching (Your Plates)

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It was a bright cold day in April, and the…Print Center signs were making passive-aggressive threats about the future of John Jay patio dining?!  Apparently, students have been abusing “silver wear” privileges in the last few days, and this almost-firm directive asks that they kindly stop, lest they lose all they hold dear–namely, the privilege of eating your omelets and breakfast cupcakes (those aren’t muffins) outside. So shape up or ship out, pals!

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  1. glad  

    that they went with the patronizing "let's"

  2. Anonymous  

    I gotta agree with Dining on this one. Throwing plates in the trash is some dumb shit.

  3. Bluff  

    I doubt ALL of the silverware, when NEW was worth that.

  4. Anonymous  

    I think they just recently counted their silverwear and plates and realized that most of it was gone. Then they assumed that we must be throwing it out when we went outside. What they didn't realize is that we stole it at the beginning of the year and have been eating off of it in our suites...

  5. true  

    But knowing the kind of petty lazy behavior that goes on here sometimes, I'm sure people were throwing their dishes away to save themselves the "hassle".

  6. agree with dining  

    effing stop stealing and being lazy - just goes into meal plan costs (which are obscene as it is)

  7. Hmm  

    Breakfast cupcakes, eh? Well those corn muffins/cupcakes/muffcakes are beyond delicious (also beyond calorific). ALMOST happy I have a meal plan this year, just because of those.

  8. Anonymous  

    i like their breakfast muffins!

    glad someone else noticed them.

  9. Back Of The Envelope  

    If the students were dumb enough to throw out plates and utensils, why would being outside make a difference?

  10. um  

    how the hell would students have been able to throw away "thousands of dollars" worth of plates in just two days without the trash cans outside john jay overflowing?

    Its really fucking insulting when Housing tells us obviously lies like this crap.

  11. Anonymous  

    Where are the Mints? That must be where they are recooping their money!

  12. Anonymous  

    i think it's kind of cool that they put together a sign in such short notice.

    clearly a lie though.

  13. ...  

    real classy! way to live the stereotype guys!!!

  14. ANON  

    This is all due to the merry bunch of athletes that eat at THE J!!

    • Athletes  

      we own the Jay, it only exists for our dinning pleasure, therefore we can do whatever we want with their silverware.

    • More athletes  

      We eat there every day, why should we do something to increase the price of the meal plan?

      I strongly doubt "thousands of dollars worth" is even remotely accurate. That would mean that the trash cans would be more than overflown with dishes and silver wear...

      captcha: bouncier understanding

  15. Anonymous

    buncha fuckin savages

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