Breaking: Your New President Is Learned Foote

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Foote’s Stand Columbia won a close three-way race with Issac Lara’s ReNew CU and Eugenio Suarez’s Naked Party. Stand Columbia received just over 47% of the vote in the first round of runoff voting, increasing to 52% in the second round. Foote told Bwog, “I’ve learned a lot, and seen sides of Columbia I’ve never seen before, while talking to hundreds of students and hearing from all of the wonderful candidates. My team and I hope to use this energy, and channel it into productive change. We’re able and willing, and looking forward to the rest of the semester and an amazing year.”

In the 2011 presidential race, Sean Udell and Alexandra Coromillas defeated Nuriel Moghavem and Zack Susel, with 56.5% of the vote. They’ll be joined by Tom Amegadzie, Sonya Chandra, and Roxanne Unger as class reps. In other contested races, Kenny Durrell won the two-year Senate seat by a mere 23 votes over Keianna Dixon, and Ganiatu Afolabi and Ryan Cho won the student services representative position. Full results, and tables, after the jump.

CCSC Exec Board: Stand Columbia

President: Learned Foote, Campus Life: Andrea Folds, Comms.: Karishma Habbu, Finance: Brandon Christophe, Policy: Andrew Nguyen

2011 President/Vice-President

President: Sean Manning Udell, Vice President: Alexandra Coromilas

2011 Representatives

Tom Amegadzie
Sonya Chandra
Roxanne Unger

2012 President/Vice-President

President: Aki Terasaki, Vice President: Sarah Chai

2012 Representatives

Jasmine Senior
Anoushka Vaswani
Virat Gupta

2013 President/Vice-President

President: Alex Jasiulek, Vice President: Michelle Vallejo

2013 Representatives

Ryan Mandelbaum
Eleanor Stein
Natalie Weiner


Kenneth Durell

Academic Affairs

Annie Tan


Kerry Morrison

Student Services

Ganiatu Afolabi
Ryan Cho

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  1. graduating senior

    haha! is that really his name? He would of had my vote just on that...

  2. Anonymous  

    Congratulations to Learned and his ticket, they'll do a phenomenal job :D

  3. Anonymous  

    yay learned!! you deserve it

  4. Disappointed  

    Learned may have deserved the win, but the rest of his board have a lot to learn. As a rising senior, I am disappointed at the results for both executive and senior board. We could have had warm, personable, and genuinely interesting representatives acting on our behalf, but instead have to accept the ones who have been perpetuating the problematic dynamic underlying CCSC for the past three years.

    • All they did was repeat themselves  

      As a rising junior, I unfortunately agree. Unqualified and underwhelming.

    • cc'11  

      i very much agree about the 2011 exec board. although roxanne unger is a nice win, the rest of the board is same old, same old bs. congrats to learned!

    • Anonymous  

      Yeah. Clearly Columbia wants to keep electing the people who do nothing and know nothing. We could have seen some fresh, genuinely excited faces but instead next year will suck.

    • Karishma Habbu  

      Hmm - I am sorry that some of you are so disappointed, but do give us a chance. The rest of us on Learned's ticket have no intention of living off his talent - this campaign, as a small example of the way we work, could not have been so successful without a total, committed group effort. As for saying we're under-qualified - I can only say that we have every hope and every intention of proving that statement wrong :)

    • Seriously???  

      Karishma and Brandon combined have as much experience as any other ticket combined.

  5. Let it be known  

    that Kenny Durell is the shit.

  6. Congrats  

    Natalie, Eleanor and Ryan! G(tb)^2!

  7. sigh  

    This is a sad day for America....

  8. Congrats  

    2013, G(tb)^2

  9. thats because  

    the only people that vote are the lame friends of the lame people that end up winning

  10. nice

    way to belittle 807 people. Quit whining b/c your candidates lost, they all did a great job campaigning and these are the results. Don't put down the winners b/c you have to deal with them for the next year do you might as well be optimistic.

  11. Anonymous

    you guys are all downers. i'm happy about the results. congratulations to everyone who won!

  12. Anonymous  

    i'm glad that learned won because he is way more qualified than all the other candidates, but it's a sad realization that the rest of his party is severely underqualified. i didn't vote for his party just because of that, but like i said, i'm extremely glad for learned.

  13. surfin' UWS  

    Remember Columbia, what has been Learned cannot be UNLearned. AYO!


  14. Anonymous  

    Thank God Nuriel lost!

    God knows he has such a power-trip and a stick up his ass.

  15. lalalalala  

    YESSS! Andrew, Aki, Sarah, Brandon!

  16. Anonymous  

    it's not like the elections aren't fixed already - get over it

  17. if

    kamal wins esc elections, you bet your tuition money that we will have subpar senior events. at least sean tries, albeit he and his council dont go outside of the box. kamal?? no one, not even his own council, can work with him.

    someone better save senior year, or ill be PISSED. thats all i care about - senior year. not who won or lost..if you won, you better create a stellar, FUN, memorable senior year.

    i speak for most of 2011, so don't fuck up, PLEASE.

  18. CUMB  

    Natalie, Eleanor and Ryan, you make us proud. Congrats! g(tb)^2

  19. Anonymous

    This disappoints me overall. I don't understand how this could have happened. Truly shocking.

    Congrats tho Gani

  20. Ryan  

    Big congratulations to all those elected. Next year's gonna be a great one for CCSC!

  21. not mad, just disappointed  

    It's really frightening that this school doesn't see through Learned--why do we let him run everything? Some really great people were up and yet everyone just picks the same person who only pursues some minority-specific issues. Rawr tyranny.

  22. seriously guys?  

    congrats to all winners! and to all candidates - what fantastic races this year!

    with regard to the exec board, learned will do an excellent job and certainly has the experience to back it up. i agree that his board has a lot to learn - i hope they won't sit back and ride off of his talent but will step it up. there is a lot of columbia administrative bullshit that needs to be overcome - tough task ahead!

    that being said, i think both of the other parties were fantastic. while i didn't know much about naked (campaign could have been much stronger), i thought that renew cu was amazing with a) getting a very diverse ticket together, comprising of all different areas of the columbia community b) campaigning! who didn't see a renew cu video or poster?

    overall, those of you who are hating on this board are immature and need to get over yourselves. don't use bwog to broadcast personal vendettas, use it to exercise real opinions. and if you can't do that? please try to get a life...


    Grow up. As an outside observer, all of these people are committed to Columbia and they are involved. There should have been a manners party. Maybe you all can manage to learn some.

  24. Disappointed  

    Rude? Not so much. I acknowledge our board's competence. We simply could have had so much more.

  25. results  

    eywa be praised.

    next year will be golden

  26. Anonymous  


  27. Anonymous  

    Sean Udell was a great candidate, but I would've loved to see some new blood in our senior year. I'm thinking of a strong leader named Doetsch. Reuben Doetsch....

  28. Anonymous  

    why does this thread sound like one big circlejerk?

  29. LEARNED!!!  


  30. Anonymous  

    how boring same old fools

  31. Anonymous  

    Um, you mean CCSC's new president is Learned Foote. Last I checked, they aren't the only student council on campus.

  32. Wow band  

    Ryan, Natalie, and Eleanor way to take over the world

  33. Disappointed...  

    ... at the continuation of the CCSC is a clique and only friends of the council get added every year and live off the name of one or two members.
    Personally, I'm really disappointed with the results.
    As a rising junior, I do not support the 2012 unopposed elections, and simply replacing two of the really good class reps who have deservedly moved on to better things with aki and sarah's friends.

    • you sir  

      Know absolutely nothing. They will do a great job. And Kenny is going to do a great job in Senate and Brandon will do a great job on the E-board. And plus, if you had such a problem you should have ran

  34. Excellent.

    Not to press the point too much, but "Erudite P. Hand" now feels he may have a chance of winning next year. The glass ceiling has been broken.

  35. Sarah Chai  

    I'm sorry to hear that you're disappointed with the results, but I wish you would have contacted us with suggestions or run yourself if you weren't happy with the 2012 council; it would have been great to see more interest in the 2012 election. Also, we asked Virat & Anoushka to join our ticket because we heard from other people that they were interested in CCSC & that they have done some awesome things while holding other leadership positions on campus. They are not best friends of either me or Aki but hopefully we'll become really great friends after working on council for a year together. If you have any other complaints/comments/suggestions, I'd be happy to speak with you. You can email me at sbc2122@columbia.edu. Thanks!

  36. wassssssup  

    yo student council is da bomb yall

  37. student govt is gay

    that is all.

  38. Co-President of the Virat Gupta Fan Club  

    VIRAT GUPTA = MY HERO. real talk.

  39. Excited  

    I'm super excited to see what Learned and Sean will do this year. They have been great leaders in the past and I know that they will go above and beyond for all of us because they rock!

  40. Anonymous  

    YAY AKITO <3

  41. Anonymous  

    WHYYY did learned foote win yet again? Why Columbia, why? ReNew CU's campaign was frikkin' amazing and they seemed genuinely excited.

  42. SEAN UDELL  

    IS MY HERO!! seriously, how can you not like this kid?? learned on the other hand...(or foote hahahaha)

  43. um  

    if you guys all think everyone in student government is such crap, why didn't you run and totally change the system with YOUR visionary ideas? and what are they exactly? just out of curiosity.

    • this, this, this.  

      a million times, this.

    • Anonymous  

      I would like to see a "No parties" party -- absolutely no money going towards "free food" events, parties, spirit-building exercises, anything. Just have student government set up SOLELY as a policy lobbying organization. Make student government as boring as the University Senate.

      And if you enjoy the free food so much, spin that off into a separate ABC student group. Call it the Spirit Events Club. Or hand it over to Bacchanal or something.

      • okay  

        Great. I'm not voting for the "no party" though. I want my free food, and don't give much of a crap bout the rest of it.

      • you must be kidding  

        "spin that off into a separate ABC student group"? Really? Do you have any clue how much more bureaucratic hassle would be involved?

        ABC is an administrative puppet. It's sole purpose it to create the appearance of peer government, when in reality it has no power. It simply adds another layer of abstraction and another round of paperwork to the already overly bureaucratic payment process.

        SGB to the end - representing TRUE student government.

  44. Anonymous  

    I <3 SaRAH Chai! She is awesome!!

  45. '09er

    Learned Foote won? That is truly a misfortune.

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