1. Anonymous  

    why can't the low rotunda be like that now? it's pretty much unused, we need more study space, and that's fuckin beautiful

  2. Anonymous  

    "Low Library, built in 1875".
    Uh, you're off by 20 years. Unless you were going for irony. Yeah, that's it, irony.

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    • no  

      no low library--how it is today-- was built in 1895, it was designed after buildings at the World Expo in 1893 in Chicago and had the same architect (or some sort of designer--unsure on that pt).


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  3. Anonymous  

    LOLLERSKATES. 1407. I am slain.

  4. Why are we

    so eager to correct him?

    Personally, I like to think that Columbia came before Columbus. We'd be more original and not named after some prick.

  5. i took back the night

    by sleeping.

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