Free Food: Barbecue at Schap

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Tipsters tell us there’s a free barbecue on the Schapiro patio (behind the security desk) from 5:30 to 7:30 for “Schapiro residents and friends.” Food hasn’t been specified, but is reportedly plentiful. Bwog bets that it will probably include hamburgers and hot dogs though. Activities will include jump rope, sidewalk chalk, and Skeeball. ’90s music videos will complete the “Backstreet Barbecue” theme.

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  1. Food  

    is Texas Rotisserie! Yum!

  2. People are

    vultures. gone within 15 minutes.

  3. way to go  


    the food was gone in 10 minutes.

    Another case of successful event planning.

  4. Anonymous  

    such a lie about it being plentiful....a 2 hr BBQ lasting 10 minutes....and only one box worth of food...dont ppl know free food esp. good food at columbia means ppl act like vultures. even a bunch of non schapiro residents were able to get it over schapiro residents. better planning next time. get tons of food.

  5. Anonymous  

    good idea though just poor estimations of food

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