Marriage Equality New York

Written by

313 Fayerweather

Join the Students Advancing Marriage Equality (SAME) Campaign in welcoming Marriage Equality New York (MENY) to Columbia!

Marriage Equality New York is one of the largest non-profit advocacy groups for marriage equality in New York State, and we are honored to have Gary Steinkohl (Vice President of the Board of Directors and Education Director for MENY), Brian Silva (MENY Events Director), Jake Goodman (MENY activist), and other MENY members come speak on campus.

Their presentation is titled, “Why Only Marriage Equality Will Do: The Fight for Same-Sex Marriage” and will be focused on some basic “Marriage 101:” Why Marriage Equality NY is fighting for the right of every person to enter into a civil marriage with the person of their choice, regardless of their gender, and the challenges achieving this.

Please join us for what is sure to be a great presentation (with free snacks and compelling discussion)!

Sponsored by: The Activist Council of the CU College Dems, The Columbia Political Union, Barnard Q, Columbia Queer Alliance, National Marriage Boycott, The International Socialist Organization, and Everyone Allied Against Homophobia

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