As Seen on College Walk: Prospies Edition

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Update, 4/19 5:35 pm: To the prospective students featured in this post: The Bwog editors want to apologize for the tone of the comments below. We keep our comment sections as open as possible to encourage discussion and debate, but sometimes people get carried away. Prospies, please do not allow these few, highly vocal opinions to color your view of this university and its affiliates. Our only intention was to welcome you to campus—we’re happy you visited and we hope you stick around for next year. Hope to see you again soon.

Bwog Editors

Clear the decks! The prospies have invaded! Days on Campus and Welcome Weekend brought a fresh batch of fresh faces to campus this weekend—and stylish ones, at that. Bwog wonders if they’ve ever heard of this cool new band Animal Collective?

Emily Kawai

Where are you from? Madison, Connecticut.

What major(s) are you considering? International Relations and Art History.

What’s your spring style inspiration? I really like Alexa Chung—she has really cute style—so I guess that’s my inspiration.

What’s your favorite dessert? Strawberry shortcake.

Alyssa Leight

Where are you from? New Jersey.

What major(s) are you considering? Education and Music.

What’s a class you’re interested in taking? The acting-out-history class [the Barnard seminar Reacting to the Past].

Where are you going? Out to dinner.

What’s your spring style inspiration? The outdoors and the heat.

What’s your favorite dessert? Anything chocolate!

Tahirih Skolnik

Where are you from? San Francisco.

What major(s) are you considering? Poli Sci and Urban Studies.

What’s a class you are interested in taking? My God—I don’t even know—there are so many classes I want to take. I have no clue!

What’s your spring style inspiration? I see random things that I like in thrift shops around the city [San Francisco], in Bloomingdales… my style changes. I don’t have an inspiration.

What’s your favorite dessert? Mochi.

Emma Stein

Where are you from? New Jersey.

What major(s) are you considering? Creative Writing and Gender Studies.

What’s a class you’re interested in taking? Crisis of Authority.

What’s your inspiration? The 1920s and florals.

Where are you going? To Columbia Cottage.

What’s your favorite dessert? Crème brulée.

Olivia Waterhouse

Where are you from? South Berwick, Maine.

What major(s) are you considering? History and Marine Biology.

Where are you going? An a cappella admitted students event.

Civry Melvin

Where are you from? Cambridge, Massachusetts.

What major(s) are you considering? Theatre and psych.

Where are you going? On a tour.

What’s your favorite dessert? Molten chocolate lava cake from Finale in Boston.

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  1. Anonymous  

    international relations=not a major.

  2. Anonymous  

    i was really excited that Bwog finally found some sharply dressed and attractive women for the first 3 people, and then it regressed into the normal weirdo-dressed-like-grandma crowd.

  3. Anonymous  

    Why all Barnard prospies????!? Are Bwog's editors/photographers all from Barnard?

  4. In that vein  

    Marine biology? I'm fairly certain we don't have even a single marine biology class, let alone a major.

  5. anonymous  

    "i was really excited that Bwog finally found some sharply dressed and attractive women for the first 3 people, and then it regressed into the normal weirdo-dressed-like-grandma crowd."

    hahahaha so true.

  6. CC 2014!  


    since i posted about animal collective i heard about this other band, grizzly bear...

    hahaha they're soooo good please go to shows with me

    also listening to these other bands:

    neon indian
    puppy cops


  7. ugh  

    just what this school needs, another a cappella wannabe who ends up living next to you and wakes you up with annoying 8 am vocal chord stretching.

  8. bwog sucks  

    What the fuck. Bwog, you have no fucking sense of fashion. For future reference: http://www.thesartorialist.blogspot.com/. Scott Schuman is an invaluable resource that you've embarrassingly neglected. Also, "As Seen on College Walk"? Bullshit.

  9. ummm  

    god if everyone working for Bwog is from Barnard it would explain a lot as to why it has been sucking so much this year...

    bwog, i don't love you anymore

  10. Anonymous  

    It's not raining.


    i hate everything.

  12. First off  

    where is "college walk" in any of these photos??? Barnard is not on Columbia campus and will never be integrated into Columbia campus. Stop trying to convince these prefrosh that they've been accepted to Columbia!! Let's distinguish mediocre schooling from Ivy grade. While Barnard may fork over an annual fee to Columbia to maintain their relationship, Barnard studentesses do not receive a Columbia degree, but a BARNARD-Columbia degree. Your girls got rejected from the next-door neighbor, deal with it!

    And finally, let's not deceive these girls into thinking they are actually fashionable. My octogenarian grandmother dresses better than they do! Her tastes are way more modern!

  13. Anonymous  

    None of these people are on College Walk (or on Columbia's campus for that matter). In fact, none of these people are participants in Days on Campus.

    I don't want Barnard people. I honestly don't want to be reminded of their existence unless the story is just too funny to hold back. <<< Kind of like Jersey.

  14. Anonymous  

    no. 1 is cute, and 4 has potential.

  15. Following up

    Bwog, I am going to keep moving this question to the latest post until you answer: where is the post about the Police and Carman? Why was it taken down?

  16. BC Senior  

    Dear Barnard prospectives,
    These anonymous anti-Barnard comments are rude and hurtful, but they are not the norm. My experiences with CC/SEAS students in CU classes, student groups, and housing have always been positive. Congratulations on getting into a wonderful, unique school.

  17. fuck your bleachers  

    Emily Kawai is really pretty!

  18. Anonymous  

    I like how the girl from San Francisco referred to it as "the city". In time that silly regionalism will be beaten out of her.

  19. this is the norm  

    on bwog and it makes me embarrassed to have my school affiliated with columbia.

  20. AMEN

    "How is BC not the insecure student body? We are proud of what we have earned and don’t want others tarnishing my school’s reputation."

    TRUST ME SO MANY BARNARD STUDENTS PRETEND THEY GO TO COLUMBIA...its annoying....if they really want to be a lion so badly they should of applied here...you must remember that you applied to go to Barnard for what ever reason...but stop staying that we're all haters when its you guys that need to realize where you go to school for oncet

  21. ---  

    you people are hilarious.

  22. what do YOU mean  

    you people?

  23. Another Fail  

    BWOG, again you give us all of this Barnard crap... and none of these pictures are on College Walk.

    Lazy reporting?

    I think so.

  24. confused  

    This is "As Seen on College Walk." barnard is not located on college walk. and yet all of the photos are clearly taken at barnard, as is discernible by the backgrounds. did the photographer bring them back to barnard from college walk and photograph them there? i assume this must be the case. i mean, why would the post be about people in barnard (geographically) when it's titled "As Seen on College Walk"?

    so stop bitching! i'm sure the original poster actually found all of these people on college walk and just brought them back to barnard in order to photograph them there; that makes the most sense.

  25. nooooooooooooooo  

    this makea no sense

  26. SEAS girl  

    I hate Barnard, but I thought I'd give Barnard girls a chance today because I had to man a table for the activities fair. I was trying so hard to be nice, and every girl I talked to gave me an unreasonably bitchy attitude. It was a lovely. My impression of Barnard now: its full of dumb arrogant bitches.

    So sad to see that the class of 2014 is furthering the Barnard girl stereotype.


    • BC  

      have you even TRIED to get to know any Barnard girls?
      Get off your high horse and get the stick out of your ass.
      It's a shame, because my experiences with Columbia students have been great, but it's people like YOU that make all Columbia students seem so arrogant and entitled.

      • umm...  

        I just tried...

      • The other SEAS Girl  

        Prospective Barnard girls overheard at the MET: "So this Renaissance painting stuff is like really old and about Jesus stuff."

        No. Not all Barnard students are air-headed, morally-depraved, excessively bitchy women. But you have to admit, the ones that leave an impression are the ones that are. If fewer of them exuded the idiotic, bitch vibe then maybe we would stop harping on Barnard.

        To quote a certain famous television show by Aaron Sorkin: "Forgive me, [girls]. But when you stand that close to [pantiless skanks and materialistic brats], it’s
        sometimes hard not to paint you all with the same brush."

    • It's not  

      our fault that you have zero personality and no free time to learn social tact. Have fun with your wasted life.

  27. Anonymous  

    really stfu everyone, do u need to bash barnard to feel superior?

    id rather see photos of cute girls posted here even if theyr from across the street.

    -columbia guy

  28. cc'10

    admitted student barnard median SAT score: 2050
    admit rate: 31%
    ranked in top 20% of high school class: 90.3%

    admitted student columbia college SAT score (25-75% range): 2110-2300
    admit rate: 8.9%
    ranked in top 20% of high school class: 98% (93% in top 10%)

    there is not question that columbia college (only comparing liberal arts, sorry seas) is more selective than barnard and that our student body is, looking solely at the numbers, more academically qualified than the barnard student body.

    that does not mean that the education one gets at barnard is any worse than one would get at columbia (in the two barnard classes I've taken, the professors were kinder and better at explaining than many of my columbia professors.) that also does not mean that the people who go to barnard do so because they weren't qualified to attend columbia: I know plenty of barnard women who could have easily gotten into columbia (or did) but just preferred the smaller-school atmosphere and "sisterhood." I even know a columbian who was rejected by barnard!

    I say that to show that I do not have any animosity towards barnard, nor do I think the education is worse or that barnard women are automatically less intelligent than columbians. but I do believe that on the whole, columbia students are more academically qualified (I'm not saying that that translates to "smarter", I am talking about numbers).

    because of this, it is understandable for columbians to be annoyed by barnard women who pretend/represent themselves as if they go to columbia (the more selective school) when in fact they attend the less selective one. there is nothing wrong or worse about going to a less selective school, but the fact these girls, clearly unhappy with/embarrassed by barnard (which they shouldn't be) or still reeling from a columbia rejection, try to exploit the relationship with columbia by faking association with the college's higher stats.

    otherwise, I (and most people, I think) don't have any sort of problem with barnard, although some people see previous behavior (which does not constitute the majority at barnard) and then become unreasonably upset by any bc/cc interaction/overlap. I think this is kinda ridiculous and that columbians sometimes need to chill. we are two different schools with different kinds of students and experiences. but we're neighbors and "siblings", so can't we just get along?

    • yeah....  

      ahhh yes, the old "columbia students are more academically qualified" argument. i don't think anyone is arguing that point for sure. but there's a reason that socially awkward losers tend to be pretty smart....i've found columbia to be a breeding ground of people who were losers in high school, then all got to columbia and found one another and realized that if they formed groups, people would mistakenly think they were somehow less socially inept. but nope! we're just blessed with groups of smart shitheads who use their education as the only symbol of their self worth, which is probably the case anyway. but social skills will take you far in life my friends...

      • Anonymous  

        Pretty amusing and fairly accurate observation. Not everyone was a socially inept loser in high school, but it appears that at least half of the Columbia students were...

        • Anonymous  

          Eh, I don't think it's the socially inept losers who are making fun of Barnard students. It's probably the same arrogant dick that everyone in your CC class secretly hated. I feel like the socially challenged just want some friends, Barnard students included. Sincerely, a socially inept loser

    • Paul

      It's legitimate to compare SAT scores and percent of the class in the top quintile of high school I suppose, but there is no way you can legitimately compare the acceptance rate. Obviously Barnard has a higher acceptance rate because it is an extremely self-selecting group of girls; most girls do not want a single-sex college experience. So much less apply and therefore the acceptance rate is higher. It's simply not comparable to Columbia. Going by the median SAT scores and top quintile percentage, Barnard is between NYU and Cornell. So it's not Columbia, but it's certainly not ASU either.

  29. Anonymous  

    someone should be informing those those goons to stay on their side of Broadway

  30. UFC  

    Barnard chicks need to give Columbia guys BJs just to have them live.

    • wow  

      this is completely unacceptable. you are fucking disgusting. I hope no respectable women ever gives you the time of day again, and you spend the rest of your life in tortured celibacy.

      may your balls shrivel up and die, dickhole.

      columbia and barnard women unite!

  31. dumb nuggets

    what do they mean by if they have heard of this "cool new band" animal collective? they've been around since 2004 or longer i believe. shenanigans!

  32. bwog comments.  

    bwog comments/bwog commenters prove that there is no god. and anything good in the world is bound to die.

    (i know this makes me a part of the fray by commenting).

  33. these

    girls are all lovely. To all of those who can only make rude comments- GET A LIFE

  34. wow  

    80+ comments on an As Seen on College Walk post? Bwog readers are really into fashion critique!

    - take ventures

  35. yay columbia  

    i love how our ethnic minority is barnard women.

  36. BC 2012

    Dear Prospies, you will realize eventually that bwog commenters are THE WORST PEOPLE ON EARTH. You all look lovely. Seriously.

  37. fellow student from Maine

    Hell yeah Olivia! Rock it!

  38. Anonymous  


  39. ...

    umm. International Relations is not a major. And I'm pretty sure Marine Biology isn't either. did these girls do their research before they applied to schools?

  40. If Columbia is so great

    why don't Columbia students get back on their own campus? Have you ever considered that Barnard students don't want you around, filling up our classes and making asinine comments in lecture, just to show how "smart" you are? As proud as Columbia students are of Columbia, there sure are a lot of CC kids in my Poli Sci lecture classes. Then you all bitch about not having such a generous curve as across the street when you, inevitably, can't do the work.

    If Barnard is for dumb women, why are our professors tenured at Columbia and Barnard? Why does Columbia let you take classes at Barnard? Why do Barnard students make As in Columbia classes? More to the point, we don't care about Columbia. You are the ones who project your insecurities on us (and, Lord, do you have a lot to be insecure about). So go home! Get out of our classes and leave us alone.

    I would love to see the socially awkward nerdfest that is Columbia's prospective class of 2014. By the way, being an "arrogant dick" counts as being socially inept; arrogant dicks are the worst kind of socially inept, and Columbia is chock full of them.

    • pot kettle black

      "If Columbia is so great why don’t Columbia students get back on their own campus?"

    • The other SEAS Girl  

      LIAR LIAR. You care about Columbia because your resumes all say "Columbia University" rather than "Barnard College." If you had any pride, you'd list your specific school rather than the umbrella organization.

      And tenure schmenure. Notice that most of the tenured professors on BOTH sides of the street (especially the Barnard grads) are completely incompetent when it comes to teaching their subjects. Tenure means that we couldn't find anyone else who could do the job for less money. Show me three tenured Barnard professors that can work the in-classroom multi-media stations or teach a clear, organized(!) lecture and I'll consider taking that back.

      In all honesty, SEAS would like to reclaim architecture - it's in the engineering school of most universities anyway. Also, those pesky art history classes that get attached to the minor are a pain in the ass. Then again, you can keep it. It's the engineers that make the buildings stay up, anyway. Barnard architects add glitter and taffeta to make my creations "look pretty."

  41. Jaded senior  

    A few fun facts:

    1. Columbia people spewing statistics about Barnard's rank/selectivity when the post wasn't even about academics reeks of insecurity.
    2. If a Barnard girl tries to play it off like she goes to Columbia, that also reeks of insecurity.
    3. There are really smart and sorta dumb people at all 4 undergraduate schools.
    4. It doesn't matter what school you go to; none of you are getting jobs after graduation.

  42. Anonymous  

    SERIOUSLY seriously seriously
    i bet 3/4s of the commenters are prospies themselves. The only people who keep the animosity between the schools alive are incoming students/ freshmen.
    Usually the only CC students who have that much hate towards BC are the miracle acceptances. I'm talking about the kids who got in on a prayer/miracle/donation. Most of us CC students have enough self confidence and self respect that we don't have to hate on other schools.
    Stop making us look like arrogant snobs.
    (ps: most of your arguments hold no water and or make no sense)

    As I look back on my time here I realized that we should spend less time hating on each other and more time hating on places like NYU...or not hating at all

    • eh...  

      my only hatred for Barnard girls comes from their pretending to belong to Columbia and saying they love Barnard and picked it over Columbia. Those two cannot be true at the same time. If you are proud of Barnard, fucking stop using your Columbia emails to send out official emails, stop putting Columbia on your Facebooks and stop representing yourself as Columbians- because you are not. There is absolutely nothing wrong with Barnard, they have some really great departments and strong programs, they need to realize it for themselves and promote the Barnard brand like a few of the girls who go there actually do, and I respect them all the more for it.
      You shouldn't feel the need to use Columbia's name (which the number one reason why most Columbia students hate you anyway)

      • Other BC Senior  

        As a Barnard student who cheerfully emphasizes that she is a Barnard student as opposed to some "Columbia affiliate," I'd like to inform you that Facebook does not actually allow us to mark ourselves as attendees of "Barnard College." We're automatically filed under "Columbia University." And then dickwads pick fights with us about "pretending to be our betters." And they can all go stuff themselves, because there is nothing I can do about it - I'd be pleased to dissociate myself with your vitriol, but sometimes I just can't get the distance I'd like.

    • Paul

      It's the elitist douches at Princeton that deserve the brunt of our hate. Joining a club and paying thousands of dollars a year just to eat?

  43. NYU is still better

    than Barnard lol that's y we hate on Barnard not NYU..

  44. the right side of B'way  

    it's kind of annoying that there is no Barnard network on facebook. All of the barnard girls with the columbia '11 gets a bit tiresome.

  45. Fashionable(?) Prospie

    I am a girl in one of the pictures above. I am probably going to Harvard, though. I would've gladly chosen Barnard over Harvard, but Barnard didn't give me enough financial aid. I am a little insulted by the lack of respect for the six of us in these pictures. What'd we ever do to you?

    • nothing

      they do the same thing when matriculated students are featured on here too. don't take it too personally, the only people who leave bwog comments are the people who have nothing nice to say, or are rebutting someone else.

    • Other BC Senior  

      Congrats on your acceptance! Sorry this place is such a mess. Far from our best face. Go where the money takes you, it's as wise a choice as any, when you're picking from the cream of the crop.

    • you know  

      I don't go to Barnard, but I've never seen anything like what goes on in these comments happen in real life. Things are pretty peaceful and amicable on a face to face level. How this argument comes around on Bwog once or twice every year continues to confuse me... Obviously, the same conclusion is reached every time, which is that the internet is vile. Oh, and that the four colleges all have their fair share of lovely and terrible people, because admission policies can't control that.

    • Anonymous  

      Barnard over Harvard?

  46. What a mess.

    Wow. I think that Bwog should come through and clean this comments section up, because all it's doing is showing Columbia/Barnard's true and unfortunate colors. You people are being unnecessarily cruel, and once the prospective students see this then CU's reputation is really going down the drain. Clearly this has already happened (see comments above), so way to go, guys.

  47. The SEAS Reverend  



  48. If I were one of these prospies

    and read these comments, I would do an immediate about face and walk straight into the arms of whatever other institutions accepted me.

    Fashion aside, why don't we focus on the bright, hopeful faces of these young women? Isn't it exciting to see people who are excited about our school(s)? Can't we be happy for these students who have worked hard for 18 years, and have passed onto the next part of their lives? I remember Days on Campus/Perspectives on Diversity being one of the most exciting weekends of my life up to that point. We have no right to tread on that excitement with our own jaded, bitter bullshit and worn-out harangues.

    Personally, I think Bwog stokes the flames by posting so many people on Barnard's campus when the comments clearly reveal that people would prefer an "As Seen on College Walk" spread to actually take place on College Walk. There's nothing exclusive about that title -- College Walk is a catch-all for CC, Seas, GS, BC and Grad students alike -- and if adhered to, would offer a wide swath of Columbia's community. But having an entire spread take place at Barnard will almost inevitably stir up some "stay on your side of the gates!!" and "Barnard bitches!" vitriol from bitter parties. It seems to me that Bwog and its affiliates should know by now that, for some reason, taking ASOCW outside of College Walk invites controversy and defamation of all kinds that almost never has anything to do with fashion. Bwog, don't give in to the great god of high comment numbers and page views by throwing your readers/peers under the bus.

    My fellow CC undergrads, much like universal swipe access, Obama for Class Day speaker and PresBo's more age-appropriate/non east coast prep school lacrosse player haircut, division of BC and CC is not coming anytime soon. It isn't helpful, nor is it kind, to blame or make generalizations about students who have about as much control over that sort of decision as we do. After these kinds of comments, Columbia definitely seems like the grimier of the two parties.

    Stranded by Ash CC'11

    • Anonymous  

      No matter what school you go to, there will always be some kind of hate. People who wouldn't go to Columbia simply because an online blog are pathetic, so good riddance if they go to whatever other school. It's here, and it's going to stay because that's the way people are, so at least the prospies know what they are getting themselves into. Especially if they're going to Barnard.

  49. Anonymous

    barnard is not columbia. amen.

  50. barnard girls are

    barnyard girls.

  51. Congratulations, assholes!  

    You keep on scaring them off! Without a fresh supply of virgins, how will we be able continue our nightly ritual sacrifices? Cthulhu must be satiated, or else he will surely kill us all!

  52. SEAS

    is the best anyway. It is ideal for engineers who want to live in New York... and didn't get into Cooper Union...

    Also, my ReCaptcha words are "Mr kerosene". I may take that as my nickname from now on.

  53. Anonymous


  54. Anonymous

    i love how less than 20 of the comments here have to do with fashion, which is what, last i checked, this post was supposed to be about - not bashing barnard.

    nice job, bwog, on the style this week.

  55. Anonymous  

    Thank you Bwog for the update to show these poor people that not all Columbians are as horrible as your anonymous commenters!

    I just wish the same respect was also given to current students who are crucified in the Bwog comments on a regular basis.

  56. Anonymous  

    Bwog, can you not do this feature anymore? Or disable comments on it? I think this negativity is better off festering inside the black hearts of these douches.

  57. on college walk

    NEEDS TO GO OFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    the comments are rude, insensitive, and show a side of COlumbia that is. terrible.
    do the column differently

  58. 2014 SEAS

    Prospie here, fresh outta Days on Campus, and just wondering - is Columbia as much of a nerdfest as it seems? My future classmates were horrified at the thought of obtaining a fake! and didn't know what the condoms on the Queer Cupcakes table were! Is everyone like this? Or do Columbians undergo some magic transformation come fall?

    Help. I'm scared.

    • Don't be scared.  

      When you pick a dorm, pick Carman. Everything will be okay.

    • Paul

      Considering the fact everyone at Columbia has a fake, I think you're safe. Are you sure you weren't at the DOC for SEAS?

    • SEAS.  

      SEAS is epic! Sure there are some sheltered people but there's two ends of the spectrum: there are a lot of people who just have sex all the time. Most of us are normal people, so don't worry. We all have fakes.

      In SEAS, we study hard and party hard.

      BTW, when you apply for housing:
      Go for the specialized engineering program: aka WALLACH 8 (GRI), engineering floor! DO IT!!!! It'll keep your GPA up (unlike Carman), and you'll have access to upperclassmen parties at the same time (don't go to Carman parties where you'll jsut end up sitting bored in some freshman's room drinking for nought... trust me, you don't.).

  59. Indiana Senator Dick Lugar  

    holy fucking shit your comment just justified my entire education at this shitfest of a university

  60. ha  

    The best part of this entire shameful comment thread is that columbia students come off as being complete and total dickheads. like, utterly and truly. Putting up with the occasional columbia wrath isn't too problematic as a barnard student when you know that ultimately it's those who are hurling the unjustified insults that come out looking like wretched people...

    • BC 10  

      Don't be so on high on your horse, my fellow maiden.

      I had a job interview last week. I mentioned that I go to Barnard and my interviewer tossed my resume into the trash. I found out that a girl in CC got the job.

      Barnard does not equal Columbia, clearly.

      • CC  

        i don't think the equality in others' eyes so much is the issue, as the fact that in this particular thread, and in the overall arguments regarding barnard and columbia that continue to ensue, it tends to be those who are being the most coldhearted and ridiculous who end up looking bad. which, does tend to be the columbia students who are so vocal...

      • BC '12

        Would you really want to work for someone that did such an outrageous thing? If a person would throw the resume of an otherwise-qualified person (which I assume you were, since you got the interview) in the trash because they go to Barnard, well, then you probably don't want to work for her. Whether or not she thought CC students are more qualified, that sort of "show" behavior is absolutely unacceptable in a professional environment.

        I had an internship interview today for an internship I found on the Lionshare board. My resume said Barnard College, I spoke freely about Barnard on my interview, and they didn't seem to care at all. My interviewers were much more interested in my major, work experience, and interests.

  61. thank you bwog (and its commenters)  

    for providing me well over an hour's worth of distraction this evening.

    these comments are gold

  62. amazing

    that Bwog, full well knows that posts like ASOCW will bring out the most vile nature of people who weren't loved and/or accepted as children. Bwog... is this the best ya got?

    To the Columbians who post these comments... I try to have respect for you but the hate you spew makes it hard. Bwog... put a stop to this.

  63. Anonymous






    SEAS '10

  64. bc13  

    bwog, you seriously have got to clean this up. this is not at all a reflection of how life is on campus.

  65. lambs to the slaughter

    Those unsuspecting prospective students.

    Come to Barnard and be part a group of scholars that is reviled by a grotesquely vocal group of peers. A hideous community that smiles at you in public and then unleashes torrents of contempt when posting anonymously.

    Home of the brave.

  66. Anonymous

    Horrible fashion choices. Do the old people again...and try to catch them on college walk.

  67. BC '12

    Not quite sure what people are talking about. The Barnard alumnae network is much tighter than Columbia's. When applying for a job at Vogue last month, my interviewer turned out to be a Barnard alum, and was beyond excited by my affiliation with Barnard. Unsurprisingly, I got the job. The Ivy name matters less than grades and recs (you get better ones at BC) in both the hiring process and grad school admissions.

    It's also significantly easier to acquire lifelong friends at BC, because people want to talk about things other than test scores and acceptance rates. A note to prospectives: the discussion here is definitely not reflective of your college experience. I think the great majority of these comments are from high-schoolers themselves.

    Nor do Barnard girls "pretend" they go to Columbia. We're proud of our enrollment in one of the best liberal arts colleges in the country, even if Facebook lumps us in the Columbia network.

  68. Anonymous

    This is what happens when everything is anonymous... Trolls=|.

  69. Anonymous

    Oh, hey, Barnard haters. If you find us so repulsive why don't you stay off our campus, not use our facilities, or take any of our courses. We don't want you here anyway.

    Columbia couldn't survive without Barnard. The majority of the art history department, for example, is on our side of Broadway, as are nearly all of the Columbia community's most challenging classes. And whenever a book is in the reserves at Butler or Avery, you can probably find it at Barnard. Oh, wait...Columbia students don't read.

    Pretend all you want to be smarter. I know you're content to sit in a seminar room and bullshit all day about the nonsense you learned one day in CC or about your experiences growing up rich and guilty because your parents could send you to an SAT tutor every summer, and that's where you'll stay. Meanwhile, we Barnard students will be setting over in our new student center, actually learning something. Ho hum and pish posh.

  70. Just wondering

    Why doesn't GS get any hatin' these days? Coz we aren't hot like those barnyard girls?

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