Vision in Three Dimensions Courtesy of Bacchanal

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Tonight at 8pm, Chewbacchanal presents a 3D screening of Coraline. The have a limited supply of 300 3D glasses, so Bwog suggests you arrive early, (or else make your own.)

Earth Co. and SEEJ will be there by 7pm selling baked goods and giving out some free things.Earth Co. has put together a short film which will be screened right before Coraline.

Bacchanal has also tipped us off that they may be giving away a limited number of pre-release Bacchanal t-shirts.

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  1. btw  

    you got it right in the tags, but in the article you wrote \caroline\. just a word up.

  2. only 300?  

    good thing I always have a pair on me

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