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City doormen cut a deal with the city to avoid a strike. If you still shudder at the thought, though, here’s this handy door-opening guide. (NYT)

Culinary wizard (and GS graduate) Jacques Pepin will speak at this year’s GS class daybon appétit, or something. (Spec)

British airports reopen, but the volcano whose name you can’t pronounce has made a serious logistical mess. (NYT)

The mob sleeps with the fishes. (Daily Intel)

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  1. CC '11  

    ahhh very jealous of Pepin!!! Jealous is cool, but damn...

  2. Anonymous  

    JACQUES PEPIN!?!!?!?!? Jealous.

  3. Hooah  

    Doormen? Hey, how 'bout those Knicks?

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