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Bwog has been operating under the commonly-held assumption that Core Professors have to petition with the Core office to give you anything under a B-. This, to us and scores of friends, was common knowledge. Um, guess we have to get on our shit.

From: Sarah Camiscoli
Sent: Wednesday, April 21, 2010 10:11 AM
To: Roosevelt Montas
Subject: Question about core grading

To Dean Montas,

My name is Sarah Camiscoli, I am a second year in the college, and I write for a publication on campus that is interested in investigating a question many of readers have presented to the writers about the core – Do professors of core classes really have to petition to give a student lower than a B-?

If you could write me back with a response to this question and any background information on how this question may have arisen (or if in fact this is true), it would be really helpful for us and for our readers.  If you would like to meet in person at some point this week to talk about it, I could do that as well.

I look forward to hearing back from you soon.



From: Roosevelt Montas
Date: Wed, Apr 21, 2010 at 4:24 PM
Subject: RE: Question about core grading
To: Sarah Camiscoli

Dear Sarah—

I have never heard of what you suggest.  As in other courses, Professors in the Core can assign any grade to any student.  No petition is ever necessary to assign a grade.


Roosevelt Montas

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  1. 25 days  

    and no senior wisdom :(

  2. So Bwog,  

    I hear that if your roomie bites the big one, you will automatically get straight A's! All my friends believe that, but before I go buy some bleach, uh, I mean do my laundry, I'd like to get that verified. Can you ask the Dean for me? Thx.

  3. but maybe...  

    i thought that this applied to athletes only?

  4. hey bwog  

    how come last year the empire state building was lit up light blue for columbia graduation? and how come this year its not happening... but the day of nyu's graduation it is lit up purple

  5. Anonymous  

    Grade inflation and "combating" it at it's finest:

    1. Please note the changes in grading policy: all the chemistry lecture
    sections will comply with the guidelines provided recently to faculty by Dean of
    Academic Affairs and Senior Associate Vice President for Arts and Sciences Kathryn
    Yatrakis that the percentage of "A" grades should not exceed 35% in lecture courses

    2. http://economix.blogs.nytimes.com/2010/04/19/want-a-higher-g-p-a-go-to-a-private-college/?src=me&ref=business

  6. Anonymous  

    yea right, thats what he says. i cant imagine him telling you to go right ahead and fail with no consequences. he's just giving you the standard dean answer. this email tells nothing.

  7. why would people think that?  

    I know someone who failed lit hum. it is totally possible.

  8. I know  

    people who have gotten C's in CC and Frontiers. The B- thing is a myth, unfortunately.

    • Very True

      I personally, due to my studying over the standard course workload for engineering, got a C- in one of the Core classes because I turned in all my papers late and even though the papers were good, the prof had to take off a 10-25% late grade penalty.

  9. carpetbagger  

    Where did that amazing blue Butler carper in front of the security desk come from?! I am ecstatic! If I have to live in the dungeon of death and redbull for the next three weeks, at least the welcome mat might as well be decent.

  10. annoyed  

    Sarah Camiscoli's grammar is not good. Why wouldn't she pay more attention to what she was writing if she intended to publish it?

  11. Anonymous  

    I know for a fact that all professors have to petition to give either a D or F....

  12. Re: The Empire State Building  

    Actually, we didn't pay anything over a dollar or two to get the Empire State Building to light up light blue. I'm pretty sure it was just a lottery or something.

    Also, while I quite enjoy getting grades above B-, is it really that horrible for a teacher to have the ability to give you a lower grade? I think it's pretty sad if anyone decided to slack off with the assumption that anything lower than a B- is impossible..

    • Anonymous  

      it's a good thing you can't get below a b-. unfortunately, i'm forced to give you a b-- for that atrocious grammar.

      "I think it’s pretty sad if anyone decided to slack off with the assumption that anything lower than a B- is impossible.."

      really? i'm not even a grammar nazi and that's just wow. you used the word 'sad' wrong.

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