Bwoglines: Earth Edition

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Gateway as you knew it will never be the same after IBM teams up with Columbia to turn SEAS green. (Solve Climate)

SIPA’s proves that it’s possible to make quite the commotion by protesting on Facebook. (HuffPo)

Our very own Juli Weiner gets noticed by The Drudge Report. (Wonkette)

A monster of a Sorting Machine works for the NY Public Library. (NYT)


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  1. Anonymous

    Juli is ex-Wonkette - Vanity Fair's now, methinks.

  2. Gateway  

    Is such bullshit, and such a waste of time.

  3. woaahhhh

    for a second i thought that tree was a huge nug. man, i have been 420'ing since 420.

  4. Anonymous  

    Free tote bags @ Barnard! Bring in 5 plastic bags and make your own tote!

  5. Hmmm...

    So where are the trolls complaining about how Juli is a Barnard student, not a CC student?

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