1. Anonymous  

    I wish I were a senior :(

    ReCaptcha: Ford beanbags...wouldn't those be interesting?

  2. Free..  

    I wish something on this campus was actually free and not covered through our student live fees...

    ReCaptcha: crannied administrator ... true story

  3. Anonymous  

    actually, they're out of the pictured t-shirts as of like, 2pm. now i don't even get to recoup that part of my SL fee. gypped. should've printed more, y'all!

  4. Anonymous  

    these tshirts are actually cool. hope learned comes up with some cool ones next year.

  5. CC '12  

    These shirts are hideous. Glad I'm not getting one like this my senior year.

  6. Anonymous  

    I am a senior who wants a tshirt but missed this notice--will there be more handouts??

  7. hahahahaa

    that picture is trying to look like an American Apparel ad

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