Free Things Abound + 40 Minutes Still Showtime

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Free Bacchanal sunglasses, tshirts, condoms, shotglasses, keychains and whistles will be handed out on the Steps at 5:30.  (uh, your wedge of space on the Steps) while you’re there, the show starts in 40 minutes.

Update, 5:45: Hustle, they’re almost out out of free miscellany!

Update, 5:55: There are plainclothes Public Safety out, so best to get creative with your drinking outdoors. And if you’re not outside now, go! Below, the scene 5 minutes to showtime.

Update, 6:45: It has begun! Send pictures, overheards, and other Bacchanal tidbits to [email protected]

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  1. CC'14

    I'd be there in a heartbeat if I didn't have to study.. Curse APs :(

  2. eh...  

    ... don't particularly care

  3. Yipes.

    Wiz Khalifa fucking blows. He was literally just rapping over his own album. It was like a surreal karaoke.

  4. Anonymous  

    Stupid fucking plastic badge Public Safety made me throw out my red cup. Bullshit

  5. ...  

    i wasn't aware that fun fit in a think tank.

  6. Anonymous  

    plainclothes public safety? really...

    I will never get why they push our drunken fun out into the dangerous city. Even places like Notre Dame realize that it is just safer to "let" kids have their fun on a safe campus with help 30 secs away.

  7. The question is  

    when will we ever get actual known bands for the spring concert? And not rappers that were kinda famous in the mid 90s...

    • ...  

      of montreal is pretty huge. however, a concert sans inebriants is like a car without gas. everything about it looks right, but it's no matter cos it ain't goin nowhere. especially with a psychedelic freakout band like of montreal.

      "i want to go to a dorm party! play some beer pong!" was pretty hilarious though.

    • are  

      you serious? Of Montreal is HUGE - I'm shocked that Columbia was able to get them. And if they had to blow their entire budget just on getting them, well, it was worth sitting through two other no-name opening acts just to hear them.

      I mean, tickets for their shows are probably, what, $50? More? And you'd still need a (probably awful) opener anyway. So you can't really complain about last night.

  8. Anonymous  

    from the Of Montreal wikipedia:

    " The group has a such a shitty style that is typical of many Elephant 6 bands due to its interest in combining musical experimentation and the basic tenets of pop"

  9. senior  

    overall, best bacchanal concert since i've been here

  10. ben ye  

    i thought it was pretty great. but then again, i'm a pretty big douche who likes to steal.

  11. optimist  

    seriously, the concert was sweet, especially if you were right near the front. these artists are rising stars (maybe not ghostface). just cause u dont know them doesnt mean they automatically suck!

  12. happy times  

    guys stop complaining about your school for once and enjoy it - your life will be better

  13. If we want to get...  

    ... rappers every year, can we actually get the really famous ones?
    Eminem is coming out with a new album, maybe he'll want to grace us next year?
    John Mayer has been in NYC or NJ pretty much every fuckin week for the last few months. Even Green Day and Muse. Just something that more people than random hipsters know of.

    • Seriously?

      is Eminem even relevant anymore? i mean, the same can be argued for Ghostface but

      The Eminem Show; The Marshal Mathers LP < The Pretty Toney Album; Fishscale (plus Enter the Wu-Tang: 36 Chambers with Wu-Tang Clan)

    • Anonymous

      If fucking Green Day or John Mayer got booked, I would spend the day in Butler as protest.

      Hate I was abroad during Of Montreal Bacchanal! They do one of the best live shows I've ever seen, and their songs are perfect for spring mayhem.

  14. psh  

    Eminem > Ghostface any fuckin day

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