Just When You Thought the Party Was Over…

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If inflatable obstacle courses, free shotglasses, and three wild and crazy musical acts weren’t enough for you, well, you’re in luck! On today’s program:

Holi on the Plaza
Ancel Plaza (just outside EC & SIPA)
Join the Hindu Students Organization in celebrating this festival of colors. There will be 1500 pounds of colored paint for spraying and Bollywood Holi songs for dancing!

Water Festival
Revson Plaza (bridge over Amsterdam)
Join the South East Asian League in celebrating this festival of water, which you can use for Holi paint-washing-off. Play with water guns, frolic in kiddy pools, consume free food, and check out performances by Raw Elementz & Chinese Yo-Yo.

Annual Bacchanal Brunch catered by Kitchenette
Van Am Quad (outside of John Jay) – UPDATE: Brunch has been moved to Lerner Piano Lounge
Come and put the CHEW in Chewbacchanal. For even MORE free food (if you can believe it), join your Bacchanal buddies (Bacchae? Bacchantae?) for yummy brunch in the beautiful outdoors.

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  1. still hungry

    With all the free food this weekend, I suppose it's no big deal that Alex Kirk et al told Kitchenette to only expect 250 people for brunch. The empty trays sure smelled good, though!

    • Maybe  

      if you'd managed to drag yourself to Lerner before 1, you could've been one of the many more than 250 people who got free food. I'm sorry you were so lazy: the food was delicious.

      • Maybe not  

        Arrived at 12:25 or so, waited for twenty minutes before being informed the food was gone.

      • still hungry

        Yeah, I got there at 12:20 and waited for 20 minutes with the same results as "maybe not." But while in line I saw people like you walking out with food spilling off your plate. Hope you didn't get a tummy ache from eating all of those sausage patties, french toast, bacon, eggs, and grits.

        • Well  

          you'll be happy to know I didn't; that food hit the spot! Early bird gets the worm, I guess.

          • Look

            The brunch was supposed to have enough food to last for three hours. They ran out of food in 30 minutes. I asked the person in charge from Kitchenette if they were going to get more food. He bewilderingly told me that they only told him to expect 250 people. This was advertised to the 7,000+ undergraduates at Columbia. Did the planners only expect to get 3.5% attendance? I sincerely hope not.

            Point is, this was a huge fuck up in terms of planning. If you think otherwise, feel free to explain your position. Or just continue to gloat about getting to Lerner 10 minutes before I did and keep levying ad hominem attacks. Because, you know, nothing supports your argument like calling someone with another opinion "lazy" for expecting a 3-hour event to last at least 15% of its intended length.

  2. Is  

    there any food left at WBARBQ?

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