Pizza and a Film

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Be sure to join the Urban Research Workshop tonight for a screening of Dislocation, a documentary by Freakonomics contributor Sudhir Venkatesh; the film will be followed by talks given by Venkatesh and other prominent figures in public housing.

The screening features free pizza and starts at 5:30 pm in Broadway Room in Lerner.

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  1. confused sophomore  

    can someone explain why there are no singles left in general selection? way earlier than years past. way earlier

  2. i heard  

    that simon herzog will be there!

  3. freakonomics  

    ideological vehicle of the bourgeoise. avoid at all costs!

  4. Alum

    Noting that Sudhir Venkatesh is a "Freakonomics contributor" is good. Noting that he is also a Columbia sociology professor would have been better.

  5. ...  

    wow that looks like a truly delicious pizza. i have my doubts as to whether it bears any resemblance at all to what they actually served...

  6. Anonymous  

    let's talk boo boo

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