1. mm  

    put this in john jay!

  2. Following up  

    So. That Carmen post....?

    Not sure who has your tongue, Bwog, but I don't like it. Exercise that ole freedom of press. Or if you're not a literalist and are trying to protect privacy ahead of press, at least leak the info anonymously in the comments.

  3. Harmony Hunter  

    where is this? is that bobby? bobby's my friend trapped in harmony. anyone know what's going on with this?

  4. Harmony Resident  

    My leg muscles are lean and firm, and my sex has gotten me written up due to noise complaints .

  5. Harmony Elevator  

    I'm lonely. I wish more people would get inside me.

  6. how is it  

    energy saving? i use way more energy walking up the stairs than i do pushing a button and standing in an elevator.

  7. Anonymous  

    hahahahaha... seriously?

  8. oops  

    the above post is supposed to be in response to "how is it"

  9. Harmony Resident  

    Wow there's this whole bwog subculture I'm only now discovering. Strange comments that feel like they're in another language. Referring to Carmen, talking about grades, responding to buried comments. This place is crazy. Someday I'll fit in.

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