Barnard’s Got Spirit

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Happy Barnard Spirit Day! Highlights include an I <3 BC t-shirt sale ($8 each), a barbecue, cotton candy, and a Biggest Barnard Fan trivia contest for non-Barnardians. Beacon of Campus Spirit Hannah Goldstein reports tons of people are out and about, enjoying the festivities despite bouts of rain. Don’t spend all your spirited energies at once though, save some for the carnival tonight!

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  1. Thanks Barnard...  

    It was kind of hard to pay attention in Calculus with your terrible music blaring

  2. Anonymous  


  3. Anonymous  

    selling overpriced t shirts at school spirit day is so stupid. so are the people that buy them. at every other school you get a shitload of free shirts thats what college is supposed to be about... at least the lunch was free

  4. Hey Bwog  

    that link doesn't take you to the spirit day carnival ...this is the real link:


  5. Anonymous  

    mishi castroverde is barnard fan of the year! yay mishi!

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