I Do Not Like Broccoli.

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UPDATE: More fun foods, like the Turkey Shollen Burger! And a big sign for the Varsity Show!

But that never keeps Dining Services from trying to make their food seem more palatable. ¬†Tonight’s theme is, uh, “Columbia”?

Photos by Anonymous Tipster, DBH, & CCS

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  1. bahahaha  

    moody adams millet pilaf.

  2. Chicken Teriyacchanal  

    100% down with this as next year's Bachannal theam

  3. Chicken Teriyacchanal  


  4. I  

    bet that this is Wilma's doing!

    And this is the cutest thing ever, Bwog. Don't hate.

  5. It's promotion  

    for the Varsity Show. They do this every year

    • Anonymous  

      Why would this make me want to go to the Varsity Show?

      How does this even inform me about the existence of the Varsity Show?

      Captcha: communal weeping
      Just in time for finals!

  6. varsity show  

    agreed with the person above. not a random theme

  7. Anonymous  

    "Frontiers of Grilled Chicken" sounds like a much more tantalizing class than its namesake.

  8. moody adams  

    millet pilaf

  9. umm

    why are they GS green beans? Thats kind of off.

  10. name  

    Chicken Teriyacchanal wins my vote.

  11. Anonymous  

    food was actually good tonight. Bravo John Jay

  12. Anonymous  

    The James Francofurter was my favorite...probably because I'd eat James Franco's furter any day.

  13. Anonymous

    or boy. Stop being so heteronormative.

  14. Anonymous  


    sorry to hijack this comment thread, but why is it that every other week somebody kills themselves in the Ivy League? I'm glad Columbia been fortunate in this regard so far this year.

  15. Anonymous  

    Does this mean that the GS green beans will be old and shriveled up?

  16. Douchebags...  

    SEAS is supposed to be spelled with capital letters...



  18. lol  


  19. I'm pretty sure...

    Frontiers of Grilled Chicken is the name of a Japanese noise rock band.

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