Oh NO, Not Again?!

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After a devastating fire left Morningside Heights brunch enthusiasts sans Eggs Benedict from the Gods for 6 long months, Bwog was extremely concerned about a tip received from disconcerted patron Laura Gabriele while dining at Community Food and Juice last night.

Ms. Gabriele’s server informed her that there was a possibility that some sort of short circuit could have set off a small fire. First the NYPD arrived, and then Community called the fire department. The situation was managed within 20 minutes. The fire department inspected the kitchen, bathrooms and basement of Community, and then left.

Bwog was overwhelmingly relieved to hear a cheerful Chad answering the phone at the restaurant this morning. He explained that last night while our tipster was dining, “the manager on duty smelt something electrical, and was being very cautious” (and rightly so!) He asked NYPD officers who were hanging out across the street to come investigate. They agreed that there was an unusual odor, and agreed to call the fire department.

Upon the arrival of the firefighters, it was discovered that the source of the odor was not an electrical fire, but in fact a new generator Columbia had installed in the basement earlier that morning, that had only been operating on a test run for a few hours. The brand new machine was emitting something akin to “a new car smell,” that we were assured was totally harmless and has now completely dissipated. While last night some diners were moved towards the front of the restaurant to escape the unpleasant smell, nobody was evacuated, and Community is open for business as usual.

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  1. bhaahah  

    "he smelt something electrical"

  2. Anonymous  

    community is really expensive

  3. ick  

    Community is so gross and flavorless. bring back nachos!

  4. community

    is the shitty relative of the still overrated..but extremely tasty clinton st. baking co. bring clinton street up here!

  5. Campo  

    Bwah hahaHA

    Now Laura Gabriele will only eat dinner with us.

    Our plan worked perfectly!

  6. I wish I were rich.  

    Community prepares delicious, very well-cooked food. Too bad it costs a million dollars for a salad.

  7. ...  

    be sure to check out next week's exciting episode of death gas or automotive fragrance! toodaloo!

  8. Anonymous  

    what does something electrical smell like?

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