Call for Closing Remarks

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  1. where are  

    senior wisdoms?!

  2. Uhh.....  

    bwogsex ........i mean bwogsux

  3. irrelevent  

    does anyone know if you choose seats for varsity show performances?

    • wondering same thing  

      I got "prirotiy tickets" for 10 dollars. What does this even mean? Are there assigned seats? What time should I get there to get a good seat? im going friday - i heard that was the best show?


    THERE ARE ONLY 19 DAYS LEFT. BWOG - YOU HAVE NEVER EVER WAITED THIS LONG! it makes you look like you are putting together everything last minute...

  5. dissed  

    well done, Anish.

  6. a;lksdjf  


  7. sam moyn  

    Have nice lives.

  8. Anonymous

    Jeffrey Sachs recited a long, dramatic quote by JFK, which was good in itself, but the truly amusing part was the 65 year old woman (who must be auditing the class, and swoons at anything Jeffy says) CRYING at his sentimental closing.

  9. Modern Analysis  

    My teacher announced that she was pregnant and everyone clapped.

  10. A. Nathan  

    In CC:

    ... should we just go now?

    (20 mins before class is over)

  11. Anonymous  

    Yes! Daniela! So cute/exciting/adorable.

  12. SENIOR  

    ahhh, where is wisdom that i have to share?

  13. Junior  

    Junior wisdom?? Obviously we have much more to share than slacker seniors.

  14. From "Tolstoy & Dostoevksy"...  

    Liza Knapp, referring to the use of maternal imagery in a novel by Dosteovsky, "Even POLES have mothers!" I'm Polish...

  15. jeff sachs  

    kinda makes me want to go save the world a little bit more
    and makes me feel all the more that i can do it

  16. LOL

    Freshman wisdom? Next year for April fools? Plz?

  17. Anonymous  

    Intro to Applied Math, Prof. Spiegelman:

    If you don't understand this stuff, come ask me questions. I'll be around for awhile. They gave me tenure. *giddy grin*

  18. Anonymous  

    Brietzke, Modern Drama:

    [looking at survey] 'So your favourite play was...Angels in America! Followed by....The Importance of Being Earnest. What can I say about this? ...I guess you guys just prefer gay playwrights'

    'Love me or hate me, don't just *like* me. I've lived by that.

  19. Anonymous  

    Todays favorites:

    \Thats all\
    \You can go now, because I will\

  20. Anonymous  

    Khalidi in History of the Modern Middle East:

    "saying you wanted to withdraw troops from Iraq was like saying you’re in favor of motherhood and apple pie" - on Obama's campaign promise

  21. anon  

    Victoria Rosner, In Literature of the Fin de Siecle, explaining Freud and Id:
    "The Id is your basic desire, like 'I need to have sex with'...well, who do you young people want to have sex with? Zac...Eff...ron? Hmm. Um, Scarlett Johansson! Some of you must want to have sex with her, right? Yeah! It's the part of you that says 'I NEED to have sex with Scarlet Johansson!!'...Shouting it, I realize, maybe even I do. I never realized. Well, good thing it's not all of us. Life walking around would be so hard for her. I need to have sex with Scarlet Johansson! That's the id."

  22. Anonymous  

    Dorian Goldfeld in Making, Breaking Codes

    "That officially concludes the material for this course. There's more to it, but its beyond the scope of this course. This is just an introduction."

  23. happy student  

    CC Instructor: "Guys, would you be ok if we postponed our CC paper until next friday and not this one?"
    Student: "I will marry you."
    CC Instructor:"Are you American?"
    Student: "Yes!"
    CC Instructor: "This may work..."

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