1. Anonymous  

    Hahahahahhahahaha. Oh man. They totally did it on purpose. The owner is so skeevy.

  2. Failblog Lover  

    Hahaha this has got to go on failblog.

  3. Wow:  

    This is...awkward.

    Also, my CAPTCHA: "cheer Post-Graduate". Too fitting?

  4. Anonymous  

    not funny at all

  5. westside  

    is just so much better. anyone who shops consistently at morton is directly contributing to a really terrible grocery store. make one trip a week to go down the extra 5 blocks.

    • agreed

      You don't know how many times I've walked into MW late at night and had to endure annoying salespeople who prefer to ogle women and judge customers rather than help them. Westside is the only place I buy groceries nowadays.

    • GS'er  

      Even though I live just north of 116th and MW would be the seemingly logical place to shop, after enduring about three weeks of abuse from their staff on every shopping trip there I began my personal boycott of the place in favor of Westside (that was about three years ago) -- where I have consistently been greeted with a smile and respect. And the longer walk is good too!

  6. The last line of the sign...  

    ...."One taste is all it takes!"--adds a certain horror to the thong concept.

  7. Hooah  

    Good luck with your finals! I hope you find some happiness and sunshine somewhere this summer!

  8. "Welcome Class of 2011"  

    on the MW receipts should also go on failblog juxtaposed to the banners that will read "Columbia Commencement 2010". Welcome Class of 2011 indeed...to senior year.

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