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Warning: V-Show producers checked in with Bwog to tell us that tons of people are buying tickets online and not picking them up. If that’s you, you¬†should probably stop by the TIC to pick them up today, or else you will face huge lines before the show. Remember that lines are fairly long to get into the actual auditorium. Bwog helps you save time!

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  1. Anonymous  

    it would be soo much more convenient if you could just print them out on your home printer

  2. V SHOW  


  3. can't we  

    pick up tickets tomorrow also from the TIC?

  4. yeah  

    but if you don't pick them up today you'll have to stand in line at the TIC tomorrow before getting in line to get into the auditorium. prob best if you just stop by lerner today.

  5. Anonymous

    The point of buying tickets and having them at will call is so you can pick them up when you get to the performance. If we were going to pick them up early, we would just buy them at the TIC in the first place and save the service fee. This is just the V-Show producers freaking out about people actually coming to their show.

    • Anonymous  

      Seriously? You really think people aren't going to go to the Varsity Show? It sells out performances every year. TIC lines get insane. You want to wait in line with several hundred people to pick up your tickets right before showtime, please do. It'll mean better seats for the rest of us who actually pick ours up ahead of time.

  6. Anonymous

    Scooter maxfield = blue poo

  7. Prediction  

    Varsity show is going to suck.

  8. oh...  

    .. it always does. we go anyway. tradition's a bitch.

  9. vshow question  

    What time should we expect the 8pm Sat show to end?

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