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US flags are being flown at half staff today to honor the funeral of Dorothy Height, a leader in civil rights and president of the National Council of Negro Women. Height was admitted to Barnard in 1929, but was turned away upon arrival because the school would only admit two black students per year, so she went to NYU instead. In 2004, Barnard finally realized the folly of its ways and “recognized her achievements as an honorary alumna.”

According to Public Safety, there are info cards at the bottom of each flag pole for your reading pleasure.

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  1. thanks!  

    i actually was wondering that just now.

    Recaptcha: dracula on ... oh it's onnnn dracula, it's onnnnn

  2. at bwog  

    the school could *only* accept two black students per year-- there was a particular quota of black students schools could take as set out by the state of new york.

  3. wth  

    Why are those cards set at the bottom of the flagpoles? Why not somewhere more... prominent?

  4. Anonymous  

    Way to fail Barnard

  5. wikipedia  

    If you read the wikipedia article (not that wikipedia is the most accurate source, but i'd trust it over anonymous commenter) it says that barnard's two black student policy was as "unsaid rule."

    captcha: essentially capsize. yeah...essentially.

  6. Anonymous  


    my mistake... the racial quotas were most likely (although not stated in the nyt article or spar's press release) set by the school, not the state.

  7. ugh  

    This is so embarrassing! NYU?!

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