QuickJest: Buzz Edition

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The Jester’s latest BUZZ-themed issue is out. Hunt for it around campus or read the online version here.

Helpful corporate buzzwords for your real jobs and internships, and insight into the world of Googlebuzz. Page 9.

Buzzcut protocol. Page 10.

How to be a buzzkill. Page 14.

She opens her petals…and he plunges his proboscis into her nectar. Page 15

Setting straight once and for all: to be or not to be buzzed? Page 18.

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  1. Patriotic Apiarist

    Did you even read this?

    This "journal" lacks all scholarly rigor and protocol. On top of that it is lewd and openly disrespectful to the hardworking apiarists crucial to agricultural. We are in the middle of a beekeping crisis right now, and we don't have time for this kind of crap.

    I think we all know that this is just another part of the twitter-soetoro generation's lysenkoist attempts to destroy knowledge, culture, and the economy. impeach the long legged mack daddy of socialism before he pees on my profession any more.


    fuck you a bee in a top hat you have got to "be" kidding me

    i have never seen anything like that in my life, show me a singel shred of evidence of a bee shopping at brooks brottherss and i will give you 1/10 of my step-dads diamond wealth seriously

    is it suppsoed to "be" ironic or somethign "be"cause insects don't have any money or whatever? yeah we all know insects are poor as shit.......BUT ITS POINTLESS SOCIAL COMMENTARY BC THEY ARE NOT ABEL TO GET ANYY $$ ANYWAY!!!

    bees cant work nd even if they could no one wuld give them jobs bc theyd be discriminated against in the work place and theyd always have 2 be PEACING at lunch out to find flowers...

    and say FOR TH E SAKE OF ARGUMENT that they could work, Q.E.D. they would "be" the size of humans, which means THEY WOULD HAVE TO FIND FLOWERS ROUGHLY THE SIZE OF THE WORLD TRADE CENTER TO STUFF INTO THERE BUTTS...so gross.

    in conclusion maybe they could be roombas for pollen and shit on your floor and get a little money that way but no way would it be enough to afford to buy top hats

  3. ugh  

    this was perhaps the least funny jester yet (which is a feat in and of itself). But to make it worse, it's even more unfunny when the first two comments on the bwog post are obviously people who write for them. The humor is asinine.

    It's humor written by that guy you can't help but hate. In high school, he thought it was hilarious to recite the entirety of Monty Python's Holy Grail ad nauseam. Later, he got really into Invader Zim. The school newspaper/band kids put up with him but secretly made fun of him behind his back.

    And now he's got his own newspaper. At Columbia. And it's horrible.

  4. Good

    LOVE the cover! And the back with the little nerd bee is adorable. I think some of the stuff is funny... I like the "list" pages.

  5. stop wigging out

    why does bwog feature a run-down of Jester, which is a piece of crap, and not Spec, which is a daily newspaper? is it that trivial and petty an organization?

  6. Jester  

    is supposed to be a piece of shit. get over yourself.

  7. poo  

    everyone has a different sense of humor. Some like curse words and sex jokes and others like haughty political references. Sometimes its good to indulge your baser tastes. also, suck my balls.

  8. Actually...  

    read the 10th page (The Buzz Report). I was literally lol'ing. The other stuff isn't that funny, but that shit was actually hilarious.

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