Baseball Team Wins Gehrig Division

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The baseball team won both of its games against Penn today, overcoming a 9-2 deficit in the second, to clinch first place in the Gehrig Division of the Ivy League. The team advances to the Ivy League Championship series against an opponent yet to be determined next weekend. The team last won the division in 2008.

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  1. Anonymous  

    WOOO! I'm so proud! GO LIONS.

  2. Anonymous

    I'm proud of the Lions, not so much of Bwog. Someone didn't do their research very well, it's the "Gehrig" division. Better luck with spell-check next time!

  3. Why

    is there a picture of the Toronto Blue Jays?

  4. Anonymous  

    This is actually pretty cool. I wish we did better at spectator sports so that we could get behind them more as a campus.

  5. Hooah  

    Bwog WTF is going on on the steps?

  6. bwog  

    is sort of sucking this year.

  7. dear bwog,  

    sports are for spectrum. please do not cover them.
    the readership

  8. dear bwog,  

    you're doing a great job. thanks for keeping us all updated all the time.

  9. the blue jays  

    really need to back to those uniforms. the current ones SUCK.

  10. people, people!  

    whether you enjoy sports or not, it's nice to get a little update on how our different teams are doing. it's about our school. if it bothers you that damn much, scroll down.

  11. actually...  

    could bwog do a small feature along the lines of "getting to know your athletes"? just a couple of interviews with some of the people who represent our school on a regular basis in not-so-exotic locations like Ithaca and New Haven...

    jump all over this idea, athlete haters. green light.

  12. Anonymous

    The average Bwog readership seems to like to post snide remarks about athletics, GS, and Barnard. That being said, congrats to the baseball team, their record is even better than the year they won the Ivy title. I would encourage students to get up to Baker Field to see the baseball team next weekend. It's easy -take the 1 train to the last stop in Manhattan.

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