Butler Smells, Come to Hillel!

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Butler Smells, Come to Hillel!
There’s plenty of study space, group work space, paper writing space, sleeping space, eating space, and more space galore! Hillel is open most nights until 2:00AM, from May 4th-12th, with a special ALL NIGHT at Hillel on Sunday, May 9th(with breakfast at 6AM), and Monday (5/10) & Tuesday (5/11) until 3:00AM.

Enjoy tons of free snacks during all afternoons and evenings, and a Free Cheesy Dinner at 7:30pm on the 3rd Floor Terrace of Hillel on Wednesday, May 5th. Hillel is located at 606 W. 115th St. & Broadway, across from Schapiro. All are welcome!


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