Last Friday in Lerner Party Space

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The Columbia Queer Alliance is hosting their final First Friday event in Lerner Party Space tonight, on the last Friday of the month. It features a Drag Pageant with Columbia students and Saharah Davenport from 9 to 11, followed by a party until 2. So if you’ve ever wanted to see CQA’s board in drag or if you happen to be a huge fan of RuPaul’s Drag Race you should probably check it out.

More info is available on Facebook.

photo via CQA

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  1. 420raider

    first fridays is gay.. oh wait.. well, yea, it is gay hm

  2. It seems  

    This week's 30 rock was appropriately themed.

    In other appropriate things, my captcha is "grumpy biologist." That would make Dr. M a frumpy biologist...

  3. anon  

    SO MUCH FUN!!!!! i love learned foote. everyone should go to 1st friday from now on

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