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Tomorrow is the last day of class and therefore probably the first day on which you’ll actually be paying attention in class, and Bwog would, again, be most appreciative if you could keep your ears peeled for anything funny, sappy, or just plain bizarre that comes out of your professors’ mouths. You can send in interesting quotes as a tip to [email protected] or drop us a line in the comments section below. We look forward to hearing from you!

Update: Oh and please tell us professor name and course name!

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  1. Anonymous  

    Jenny "Emma" from the Varsity show is super cute! Best part of the show.

    Drums were overbearing.

  2. Frontiers of Science  

    (not actually said at the end the semester, but at the end of his FroSci run)
    Prof. Stuart Firestein: "Alcohol and sex, just remember that. That will be the main answer on the final exam from this set of lectures. If you get that right you'll be ok."

  3. Best Closing Remarks Ever  

    Christia Mercer accidentally ended her History of Philosophy class with a College Humor video of girls dancing in their underwear. Took like 60 seconds to shut it down. Her closing remarks included a lot of panicked swearing. Uber classy. Awesome course.

  4. Anonymous  

    Christia Mercer, Philosophy and Feminism: BE QUEER!!!! love this woman :)



  6. Anonymous  

    Last year they waited until Saturday evening to give housing assignments. Move in was Monday. So....yeah.

  7. Anonymous  

    bert huang, object oriented programming and design (1007): Computer science is one of the few scientific and engineering disciplines where you can actually build the things you study. If you're a physicist and you build a particle accelerator, you might create a black hole. And then you'd have to fight off time-travelers.

  8. it sounds  

    like some sort of dessert. like FroYo, but... with science.

  9. senior wisdom...  

    where art thou?!

  10. Literally  

    The tooliest most asinine group of comments I've ever read... Love Bwog.

    Captcha: ovations box
    kinda like the opposite of a bwog comment box

  11. happy student  

    CC Instructor: “Guys, would you be ok if we postponed our CC paper until next friday and not this one?”
    Student: “I will marry you.”
    CC Instructor:”Are you American?”
    Student: “Yes!”
    CC Instructor: “This may work…”

  12. BC '13  

    "All of you function very well in the academic world, but the real world is very different. And that's that. Oh, and if you want to see your grades in a timely fashion, I have no control over this. This is all controlled by Oz, some place."
    -Peter Bower, Environmental Science II

  13. SEAS '12  

    "I love ['The Rock' starring Nicholas Cage] because it's one of the only movies where there is a chemist who carries a gun. He's a biochemist, which is like the dark side to organic chemistry."
    - Scott Snyder, Organic Chemistry II

  14. CC '13  

    "The only thing I will be able to do with a PhD in native american studies is teach or write. Instead, I am going to start a TV show where I go around NYC and fix the grammar on street signs and call it punc'd"

    -Adam Spry, University Writing

  15. Anonymous  

    Professor Gary Okihiro's final address to History of Racializations in the US class:
    I want to thank you all for being part of this class. It’s been an immense privilege for me to spend a semester with you and I don’t know where you’re going to go or what you’ll do, but I wish you well in whatever you do.
    I want to leave you with just one thought, which hopefully is a means by which to dissect our condition. I think I told you about..did I tell you about this 12th century monk, Hugo? (murmurs of “no”)..No? ok. This 12th century monk…12th century!…in Germany…actually this is from our colleague Edward Said, recalls this story and I have it in my book Island World. It begins with this person who is comfortable at home, is yet an infant…A person who goes to a foreign place and makes that comfortable is…OK. But a person—I’m paraphrasing by the way (chuckles of laughter)—but a person is perfect to whom the whole world is as a foreign place. Now if you were to think about that...that the comfort zones of our existence, whether there are these boxes of race, gender, sexuality, class, and nation, help us or shield us from things around us and give us sort of comfort in that sense. But they can also be prisons of our own making. And if you go to another place and make that foreign place yours, it might be an imperial project. But if we all consider ourselves as aliens, as visitors to this earth, in which we need to share this space with one another, if we think about ourselves outside our boxes, as always foreign, as always alien to ourselves, it may help us to recede even familiar places like Columbia University, like our dorm room, like our families and so forth—to rethink those kinds of things from outside those boxes. Not to say that you can’t return to them, but that one needs to, I think, move outside…and then you can move within.
    So, wherever you go, tread softly on this earth and know that hopefully people will follow you. Thank you so much.


    Frances Negron-Muntaner: " Does anyone know what love is? Love is thinking about someone else other than yourself and that's it. It's been great to teach all of you now it's time for our 5 minute salsa lesson!" She then proceeded to turn on her ipod to Celia Cruz and made everyone stand up and dance salsa.

  17. CC '12  

    "Ok so we've got 20 minutes of class left. It's really about time we stop discussing my drinking problems and get back to Dewey."

    -Evan Neeley, CC

  18. I took this class...  

    last semester, and I love Prof. Okihiro and all, but I want some of what he is having. he must know all the good dealers in town. don't get me wrong, he's an intelligent man, but sometimes, you know, gotta have that ganga to understand where he's going.

  19. I took this class...  

    History of Racializations

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