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Due to popular demand for more badgering of Columbia employees and local businesses, your dedicated correspondent Sarah Camiscoli finagled her way through the breakfast line to ask Eduardo, the soft-spoken and loyal Nussbaum & Wu employee of nine years, what he has to say about the Columbia clientele.

What is the general consensus here about Columbia students?

They’re nice. Sometimes they’re crazy.

Can you elaborate on what you mean by crazy?

They come and order a lot of food and then they don’t want to pay for it.  So they leave.

What is the funniest thing you see happen here specifically with students?

(Quiet laughter.) Students stand in the doorway and get smacked in the face.  It happens too many times.

What is the craziest time of day here?

12-1. People get really confused about where to line up.

What about all these mirrors?  Do these ever cause a problem for students?

Yes, sometimes they order and then we ask them a question, but they are already turned around fixing themselves in the mirrors.

What’s the most popular order from students?

Cream cheese on an everything bagel.

What’s the best deal?

Eggs on a bagel with coffee.

What’s the most expensive item?

Lox with cream cheese.  But it’s so good.

What is the strangest order you get from students?

Egg salad with jelly.  A lot of people eat it.  Oh, and BLT with jelly.

Do students ever order anything creative that you have ever wanted to try?

No. (Moment of silent thought.) Nothing.

If you could say one thing to students, what would it be?

One thing they always do is that they talk on the cell phone when they are trying to give their order—it is very annoying.  Then they get the order wrong. First order, then talk on your cell phone.

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  1. Surfin' UWS  

    One thing they always do is that they talk on the cell phone when they are trying to give their order—it is very annoying. Then they get the order wrong. First order, then talk on your cell phone.

    THANK YOU. I always feel douchey by association when this happen. And especially when its a pack of girls busy yapping, they always give each other annoyed how-hard-is-it-to-get-a-bagel-right scoffs when they're the ones who fucked up their orders!

    We're generally pretty entitled/arrogant/rude to the people around Morningside.

  2. BC '12

    Re. the cell phone thing: tell me about it. I used to work at a grocery store and people talking on their cell phones or on their ear pieces was the most annoying thing EVER.

    • Anonymous  

      Do your job. Stop complaining.

    • Anonymous  

      hey - some people have the gumption to do it in the LIBRARY. i wanna smack 'em.

      • ...  

        that is easily solved. just give them a dirty look and put a tone of "come on... you're being completely ridiculous" on as you say "do you think you could take your telephone calls outside?" it always works. i always make sure to follow up with a genuine "thank you" as they get up to walk out.

        • same anonymous  

          i'm the desk girl and i frequently have to do this. most people are fine, but some people really don't get it. i'll tell them they have to take it outside and they keep talking, they just walk 5 feet away from the desk. i think it's a combination of being extremely entitled and stupid.

          • ...  

            then you should deputize me as "sheriff of butler." when they don't respond to polite requests call "the sheriff" and i'll go christian bale on their asses. it would be win-win for everyone. the library becomes more civil, the snobs become more humble, and who the hell is gonna argue with a sole EC of "Sheriff of Butler Library" on the resume...

  3. 2010  

    can we make a plan for when you order coffee from Nussbaum? Is it when you place your order or when you pay? I've been told to do both...

    also, such hate! kinda made me feel bad... i've tried to be nice...

  4. Anonymous

    Wow, this is wonderful! A revealing look at how bratty Columbia students are.

  5. LOL

    Nussbaum is hysterical. Ever tried having a date here? Like wtf.

  6. lol  

    wasnt this posted like a week ago?

  7. By saying this

    "lol yes i go here. what, you thought all of us here who aren’t athletes or legacy admits, had to be socially awkward and/or ugly nerds with high SAT scores? I’ve been on several dates already and so have a few of my friends. I dated a girl here for 4 months."

    you sound like a tool....
    Congrats on the 4 month relationship!

  8. to be fair

    the staff at Nussbaum are kind of grouchy. Once, one of the guys who works there couldn't get a customer's attention, so he started to call him "maricón" to get his attention, which I believe means "faggot" but if it doesn't, please let me know. Pretty rude. And the only reason the guy was distracted was because he was trying to get his kid to stop crying and annoying the other customers.

    Also, I've worked in the service industry, and always make a point to have my order ready, say please/thank you, never talk on my phone at the register, etc., but getting a smile out of some of the members of staff is like squeezing water from a stone. This article pretty much confirms what I already thought: like most people who work in the restaurants surrounding campus, the staff of Nussbaum views our student body with contempt most of the time, and, unfortunately, some members of our student body act like douches which furthers this resentment. Can't we all just get along???

  9. Anonymous  

    Try engaging in dialogue that extends beyond a pleasantry and what you want on your bagel.

  10. Anonymous  

    Although Nussbaum food tastes really good, it's quite overpriced.

    And who cares how rude they are (or Columbia kids)? People are only buying food, not a great conversation (or great service). And vice-versa.

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