CCSC, ESC, and Barnard 2013 Animal House Screening and Dinner

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Monday, May 3
8-10:30 PM
Lerner Cinema

To All First Years!!!!
Congrats on making it to to the end of your first year at Columbia!!! (well almost) Your student government wants to reward you for your amazing work by providing you with dinner and a movie this coming Monday, May 3. We will have 400 white castle burgers and 30 pizzas along with some other light options like fruit and veggie platters. FOR THE FIRST 50 PEOPLE WE WILL ALSO HAVE LITHUM STUDY GUIDES TO PREPARE FOR YOUR EXAM!!! Because you’ve worked so hard we want you to remember the lighter side of college with the classic college movie ANIMAL HOUSE. It’s the last day of classes so WHATEVER YOU DO DO NOT STUDY! Come celebrate the end of the year with us and then go party to your hearts content! We love you guys!!

Alex Jasiulek CCSC 2013
Mary Byers SEAS 2013
Jung-Hee Hyun SGA 2013

P.S. College and Engineering kids we have leftover hoodies that we will be selling for the normal price of $25! I know you’ve been eyeing your friends in JJ dining hall and now you can get them! Last Chance of the year!

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