Collision 2010 A No-Go

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It’s true: Collision, the sort-of annual end-of-year arts party, is not happening this year. Your one chance to make it to Brooklyn, squandered! According to Rick Fudge, the head of Collision, the board “decided we’d rather focus on smaller, more spontaneous stuff on campus,” like the occasional Minilision (ya know, mini-Collisions!) held this year, and Hamilton stairway puzzles. It was, Fudge explained to Bwog, “cheaper, less time-consuming, and more flexible that way.” By the beginning of second semester, the Collision board realized there wasn’t enough money– or interest to start funding– to make the party happen this year.

Bwog would like to get drunk and dance in a warehouse on the last night of school next year. Those interested in helping out with this cause should email [email protected].

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    Only made better with some Pakistani cab drivers. CHYYEAAA!

  2. wow

    This sucks. I was really looking forward to Collision.. Thanks Bwog for taking initiative on Collision 2011!

  3. Hey, ABC

    When a board neglects to plan the programming your allocation was supposed to pay for, what do you do? Fix this! KThanx.

    • ABC  

      Collision is not a recognized ABC group. We also do take into account the group's programming over the past year when giving them allocation for the next. If an event did not happen for a reason that was not explained to us, we won't fund it for the next year.

  4. Anonymous

    great fucking job, collision

  5. Anonymous  

    yeah, this is a huge letdown. who wants to join me in burning rick fudge in effigy next friday?

  6. Anon  

    Honestly, Rick seems like a nice enough guy but he ran this shit so badly, he's literally run it into the ground. There's plenty of interest in an awesome party, it's just that this Fudge dude isn't into it...which is fine but dude, why the fuck were you in charge if you didn't have interest?

  7. Anonymous  


  8. Harmony Hunter  

    maybe there can be another party in harmony in one of the kitchens how big are the and

  9. Charlotte  


  10. Anon  

    Rick Fudge = Charlotte


  11. Anonymous  

    but seriously rick fudge... how can you dislike a man who last name is fudge? it is full of delicious goodness!

  12. Anonymous  

    Rick's truly a nice guy, but he dropped the ball on this one. There was plenty of interest at the start of the year and poor management led to a total loss of interest. I hope whoever starts up Collision for 2011 can be a little more proactive.

  13. Andrea

    Rick Fudge is the reason we can't have nice things.


  14. Anonymous

    Fucking lame

  15. honestly  

    This is ridiculously lame. Dancing in a warehouse > reading signs on stairs.

  16. Anonymous  

    although people claim to have interest. No one was willing to take this on and help Rick out. Emails were sent out regarding club meetings to a large group of "interested" parties and every meeting only 3 or 4 members actually showed up. These three people are not able to raise the funding to throw a "cool brooklyn party" on their own. Please don't act like they ruined your fun. If you were truly interested, you should have taken some initiative.

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