1. LULZ

    anyone want to sprinkle pork grind, beef grind, lamb grind, chicken grind and frog legs onto their food? LOL!

  2. Anonymous  

    baked ziti was awesome.
    so much food

  3. was just there  

    generous helpings of ziti, mac n cheese, lots of salad, cookies, and cool people. I usually don't go to Hillel, but Hillel's now my new favorite place. Love you guys!

  4. love me some kosh

    Hillel keepin it real, love me some kosh delights

  5. also  

    a woman who can only be a librarian is posting signs in Butler about an alleged "Butler Study Break". Maybe tonight?

    Bwog, save me from having to walk across the room to read this flyer in person.

  6. oh no  

    is the food gone by now?...

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