Orgo Night and Breakfast

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Freshpeople, seniors, and everyone in between should attend one of Columbia’s most enjoyable traditions: CUMB’s 69th semiannual Orgo Night. Same Band time, same Band place: Butler 209, 11:59- but get there early, it gets crowded quickly and you might get locked out. Laugh at Columbia, sing “Roar, Lion, Roar,” and resume your studies. Send video, pictures, and your favorite one-liners to

Oh also, we know it’s confusing, but remember not to scream tonight: Primal Scream is Sunday.

Also also: Midnight Breakfast will be in LeFrak Gym tonight. Barnard seniors get in at 11, all other Barnardians at 11:30, then the rest of CU at midnight.

Update, 10:40: We have word that the Red Bull fairies are back in action- there are cans of Red Bull under some desks in 209, plus someone with a green duffle bag full of Red Bull sitting at one of the personal desks- if you want one, ask him.

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  1. Anonymous  

    Hehe 69. Come on CUMB, so many potential moments for immaturity!

    ReCaptcha: tool gaffe... Does this say something about me?

  2. Anonymous  

    The band can tell jokes in the library for all I care. But what's the point of having 24/7 quiet hours in residence halls if the band is going to play for an extended period of time at 12.30 in the morning?

    I pity anyone who has a final tomorrow morning and was trying to sleep.

  3. Anonymous  

    where is barnard? lulz.

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